Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Is terrorism the only problem India is facing?

India is facing several type of terrorist movements: (1) Paskistan is training and then sending 1000s of terrorists into Kashmir. (2) A large number of north east's locals are waging guerrilla type war against Indian state. (3) Not yet, but soon, India will face a secessionist movement from Bangladeshi immigrants with population crossing 25% of West Bengal to secede from India and may be to join Bangladesh. (4) In 100-120 districts of India, naxalite movement has wrecked the local administration and economy. The Western countries they have no such threats. The reasons are purely administrative. And by making certain changes in administration, the citizens of India can fix those flaws. 
  • Modi in his three years of rule has more and more alienated Kashmir people towards terrorism and stone pelting even by students and girls with Hindutva and iron handed policies.
  • Today he is making speeches at BRICS summit as if 'terrorism' is the only and biggest problem of India where as several other problems which were either unattended and made worsened by Modi administration.
  • Modi must realize that impassioned speeches on terrorism in international fora might get him applaud but doesn't solve either terrorism or other problems on the ground.
  • Cross border terrorism funded and aided by other countries is a minuscule component of plethora of all problems we Indians face perennially.
  • Worsened economy, extreme poverty, fall in real wages, rising costs of living, loss of livelihoods, unemployment, distressed agriculture, precarious banking sector, population explosion, talent migration, deficiency in services and above all corruption are some of the serious problems India is facing at the moment.
  • What BRICS can do to resolve our problems? They can just sign a joint resolution. What is its use? Nothing. We Indians has to work for solving our problems. That is it.
Modi with an insatiable desire for personal glory at any cost will talk about what others have to do but will never talk about his duties and failures. Neither as Gujarat CM nor as PM of India he has done anything meaningful for the benefit of common man on street or peasant in fields. He is only interested in trophy projects and showcase them as a signs of development. With the money he spends on self-glorification each day, a small town or over 100 villages could be modernized.

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