Friday, 23 December 2016

Success and Failure

Success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.
Failure is lacking success.
While succeeding is important, the road map to success is even more important.
Success as a result of illegal & immoral means is worse than failure.

Ingredients of success
  1. Vision & goal definition.
  2. Tenacity and perseverance.
  3. Research, planning & resource mobilization.
  4. Developing sound business model.
  5. Due diligence and risk mitigation.
  6. Timing and luck.
  7. Execution.

Managing success
  1. Managing success is harder than handling failure.
  2. Neither success nor failure are permanent. 
  3. Hard work is the only path to true success.
  4. Elation of success or depression of failure are unnecessary.  
  5. Identify and acknowledge contributors for success and reward them.
  6. Never let ego destroy business. 
  7. Take time to celebrate success and pay attention to the lessons it offers.
  8. Eliminate wastage and optimize costs.
  9. Innovation to stay succeed.

Lessons from failure
  1. Failure is never the end of road. It is just a turn.
  2. Reshape values and redefine priorities
  3. Become more compassionate.
  4. Improve perspective on finance.
  5. Revisit approach and realize true friends.
  6. Realize that success isn’t everything.
  7. Re-envision goals.
  8. Become more passionate about mission.
  9. Develop a deeper sense of community.
  10. Learn to never give up.

Resolve to be honest at all events; and if in your own judgment you cannot 
be an honest lawyer, resolve to be honest without being a lawyer. 
Choose some other occupation ... Abraham Lincoln

The progress towards the goal will be in exact 
proportion to the purity of the means. As the means so the end. 
It is not the end that we can work with but only means ... Gandhi 

My View:
Both success and failures are a myth. They are simply results of choices, actions and luck. Results are never in our hands nor predictable. Otherwise, we will not see so many great people fail in the history. What is in our hands is preparation, mitigation of risks and execution. Rest is luck. Ironically, money reflects success. Money is important for comfortable living. But there are many things which money can't buy. Peace & happiness has nothing to do with money. They are mindset. Many poor people live happy and meaningful lives. In this world, no good man has ever made a fortune. The more morals and ethics are compromised they more one can make money. In most cases enrichment is consequence of destruction of ecological assets. People succeed with inside advance information of government policy changes which is a punishable crime in any democracy and reflects its association with crime, corruption and bribery. With all ills of the society there are ample opportunities for good and honest people to do business and earn decent income.

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