Saturday, 17 December 2016

Modi's personality analysis

Like any other urban middle class person, wielding all comforts of education and in disconnect with poor and rural masses of India, I too believed that Modi will  eradicate most evils pulling down progress of our nation which is predominantly poor, illiterate, agriculture based and living in villages with meager facilities & comforts, despite certain doubts about his vision and understanding about India.

His traits broadly are:
  • Great public speaker.
  • A natural leader and authoritative commander. 
  • Self confidant and arrogant person.
  • Ruthless, headstrong and adamant. 
  • Not given a single fudge in his career.
  • Makes most of all PR opportunities.
  • Jack of all trades and master of none. 
  • Thinks that he is right all the times. 
  • Doesn't dwell over past mistakes.
  • Plans to minute details. Tough minded. 
  • Emphasis more on his administrative works.
  • Focused on productivity and best use of time. 
  • Solution important than the process. 
  • Maximum follow-up.
  • Figures out the relevance of a very small detail.
  • Focuses on the long term structural reforms.
  • Tweets are always to the point. 
  • Cares about his party members. 
  • Doesn't care about critics.
  • Judgmental and have tendency to learn from his mistakes. 
  • No real friends.
  • Makes no bones of his RSS inclinations etc.
  • Bent on dismantling of the Nehru-Gandhi-Congress names from government schemes.
Modi's surprise & unprecedented demonetization move on Nov 8, 2016 was hailed not only in India but around the globe as a daring step towards eradication of black money, fake money, corruption & terror finances and some countries mulled similar exercise in their countries to eradicate social ills. But his hidden objectives are purely political and aimed at disarming political opponents to win next year's several elections hands down and establish BJP's authority at invincible position and destroying Congress completely, despite insignificant achievements so far and sagging economic parameters. His hobnobbing with businessmen & industrialists from western India with questionable integrity doesn't portray him as selfless leader dedicated to the national interest.

With in days demonetization, resultant chaos and is a total failure with economists analyzing none of the stated objectives are achievable with this move and in fact impacted economy greatly with informal sector completely grounded. Even western media moved by public sufferings and bank queue deaths touching 100 declared the move as cynical and warned of serious damages if unmitigated. Instead of announcing corrective steps to mitigate problems faced by public, arrogant Modi demanded patriotism from public to suffer 50 days ordeal and long term results will pour in gradually which anyway are un-quantifiable. He avoided any kind of questions both inside and outside parliament. High pitch campaign for cashless payments as a solution to remonetization failure was seen as diversionary tactic in the absence of preparedness and is not even 50% even in small, wealthy & developed nations. With no serious steps taken, sufferings are likely to ease ony after two months and normalization after six months and economic restoration is two years away.

Patriotism is the last resort of the scoundrel.
Pseudo patriotism is the last resort of the incompetent.

My View:
Modi pretends to be a benevolent dictator and pretends to Lee Kuan Yew of India. But unfortunately LKY stands much much taller than him with simplicity & public interest way above personal or political interests. In a populous, poor, developing and complex democracy like India saddled several social ills, democracy is the only way, even though results are slower. Commonsense tells that any change must be slower, steadier, gradual and seamless. Sudden decision will result in confusion and chaos and must be avoided at any cost. Devoid of sense, Modi resorted to illegal & secretly planned demonetization, taken the nation & world by surprise and instead of making surgical strike against black money, he carpet bombed the whole economy and also shot in his own foot. His action without any mandatory process compliance and approvals is totally authoritarian and falls short of a Prime Minister of the world's largest democracy.

Modi suffers from worst possible type of corruption; an insatiable desire for personal glory at any cost; an extremely deep moral and spiritual corruption. Modi belongs to the line of autocratic ideologues rather than the western tradition of revolutionary neo liberalism, or marxist rationalism. He also represents the worst aspect of democracy: a demagogue who caters to an irrational populace’s cravings for self-identity and release from self-responsibility. He might not have taken any bribes in recent years but there is no way he could have risen to his position without having made massive and horrendous economic & moral compromises.

While his inept handling of Godhra rites & killings is an indelible black spot with many western countries including USA denying him visas, he was also rumored collecting 4% kick backs on all contracts awarded to successful bidders during his 10+ years as Gujarat CM.

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