Monday, 24 October 2016

KCR wants to demolish Secretariat ....

  • Demolition costs, construction of new Secretariat & Legislature (in the same compound), furnishing, facilities & beautification - all combined will cost not less than Rs. 1,000  crores.
  • The Vidhana Soudha, Bangalore is a different story. New state of Mysore didn't have either Secretariat or Legislature (Assembly & Council) buildings in Bangalore. Even for a spend of less than Rs. 2 crore (in 1951), Prime Minister Nehru expressed his unpleasantness but Mysore CM K.Hanumanthaiah was adamant. However Nehru laid the foundation stone on July 13, 1951.
  • At the time of AP Reorganisation, Telangana was marginally surplus and AP was heavily deficit. But with luxury and mind less spending and taking up large projects without proper financial closure has made Telangana State virtually bankrupt. It is a matter of some more time skeletons will roll out of KCR cup boards.
  • The pathetic situation of Hyderabad streets and its drainage systems is a living example of perennial neglect and nothing done during past 2+ years ever since KCR became CM.
  • Hyderabad Metro not progressing beyond 50% mark even after 4 years, is a living testimony of efficiency in KCR administration. Facing apathy from KCR administration, L&T is on the look out for exit.
  • Welfare measures like Farmer loan waiver, Fees reimbursement, Arogyasri, Double bed room houses for poor and many more are not making any progress since last 2+ years. 
  • With so many teething issues like Krishna river water sharing, Institutions bifurcation, APTransco unpaid bills, Unilateral stoppage of coal supplies from SCCL, High Court bifurcation etc still unresolved, why would AP CM handover these secretariat buildings to TS with rights to use for 7+ more years is a million dollar question without extracting any benefit for AP.
  • Relentless advertising that all is well and blaming past rulers at the fall of hat will work only for a limited period of time. Not all the time. 
  • Finally, Vaasthu etc are personal belief systems and demolishing properties based on these scientifically unproved methods resulting in wasteful & fancy spending of Rs.1,000 crores of public money is nothing short of madness.

"You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time,
but you cannot fool all the people all the time ... Abraham Lincoln"

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