Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Police quizzes Isreali PM Netanyahu for suspected of graf

If our Prime Minister Modi has an iota of sincerity in his recent demonetization histrionics over eliminating black money, corruption etc, he should at once appoint Lokpal with purview including all political office bearers (including PM, President, Governor, CM, Ministers etc), officials, judiciary, businessmen and grant autonomy and teeth to RTI, CVC, CBI and ACB etc and then only people will believe him to some extent. Otherwise all his talk is just 'bakwas'.

While I am not Congress admirer either, it is pertinent to know that UID Aadhaar was Manmohan Singh's brain child to reduce black money and benami properties and RTI as well which gives citizen rights to know what is happening in corridors of power.

My View:
The framers of constitution Nehru, Rajendra Prasad, Patel Ambedkar thought that persons holding very high offices (President, PM etc) would be as good as them and they thought fit to exclude these office bearers so that they could focus on taking far reaching decisions with ease and without distraction. After 70 years the reality is opposite. Hence it is important for Modi to introduce and maintain transparency and accountability in public domain starting with himself (ironically he talked about these too much during demonetization days, while he did this quack advised demonetization in highly deplorable and autocratic way and landed the nation in turmoil), otherwise he will go down history as a biggest national traitor. My gut feeling is that he will not, because he is not as tall as he projects himself. He is simply a demagogue with insatiable desire for publicity.

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