Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Early Budget is aimed at misleading the Nation

In normal course budget presented on Feb 28 contains economic survey details for 3 of 4 quarters of current financial year. Modi & Jaitley presenting early budget on Feb 01, 2017 will contain economic data for first 2 quarters of 2016-17 where as  Modi's mindless demonetization happened in 3rd quarter and its devastating effects of destroying informal sector, shrinkage of GDP & growth rate and most importantly loss of livelihoods of several millions etc will not find place in 'economic survey' presented to Parliament a day before budget presentation. Thus Modi will be effectively avoiding discussion in parliament about the realities of senseless demonetization.

Eliminating separate Railway budget and merging with general budget is another evil attempt to enlarge governance (more governance means more corruption) and subordinating Railways (by and large autonomous so far) to Finance Minister and Railway officers to IAS officers of Finance Ministry. Needless to say IAS officers have key role for today's pathetic state of India, especially in matters of corruption, black money and abuse of authority.

Avoiding parliamentary discussion is nothing but decimating democracy. 

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