Monday, 12 June 2017

BJP's intolerance spares not even Gandhi

Amit Shah's unwarranted remarks on Gandhi

  • Amit Shah's remark about Gandhi as 'Chatur Baniya' and Congress as his SPV for independence etc speaks volumes about his stupidity and intolerance.
  • To refresh our minds ... Amit Shah, then Home Minister of Gujarat when Modi was CM was involved in Sohrabuddin fake encounter (2005) case and was arrested in 2010 and was prohibited to enter Gujarat for two years by Supreme Court. The controversial role of Amit Shah and Modi were burning issues in those days. 
  • The unresolved murder of ex-minister Haren Pandya in 2003 and involvement of Amit Shah and Modi which hitherto remain unproved, speaks volumes about the character of this duo.
  • It is very rare especially in India, the person holding power commits crime and also gets convicted. 
  • This unwarranted remark by Amit Shah exposes himself of his poor understanding about Gandhi and his poverty of thought of India as one secular nation with minorities (~20%) leading life without fear or coercion since independence.
  • Such a person (Amit Shah) making nasty remarks about Gandhi, only belittles BJP & Modi's capability to rule India as a nation.
  • The best BJP should do is to get rid of Amit Shah immediately.

Gandhi is the least understood person in India, than in the Western countries.

My View:
There is no dispute that Gandhi and his compatriots in Congress struggled for independence sincerely, honestly sacrificing their life, wealth, career and families. Standing on their shoulders selfish and criminal minded people like Amit Shah, Modi & Co making nasty comments is not only audacious but also atrocious. They should be condemned and thrown out of public life and if law permits prosecuted. They are simply misleading public.

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