Tuesday, 28 June 2016

AP Bifurcation 2014 - Aberrations

Prior to April 2014
  1. AP Reorganization Act 2014 was promulgated by Parliament while the draft bill was rejected by AP Assembly.
  2. The draft bill didn't have the financial details annexure.
  3. In AP, while Telangana agitated for bifurcation, Seemandhra agitated for united AP simply because capital city Hyderabad is in Telangana which is precious to all for many reasons. While Telangana without Hyderabad is unimaginable, Seemandhra without Hyderabad is unthinkable. The situation is that for continuation of united AP, Telangana has to agree and for bifurcation Seemandhra has to agree, both are untenable. Sri Krishna Committee has rejected all the reasons raised by Telangana as just reasons for bifurcation. 
  4. Bifurcating the state together with capital city, as per the wishes of the agitating region, was unprecedented. 
  5. Sonia Gandhi and Congress at Center has masterminded AP Bifurcation with inclination (or a sell out to TRS) for political gains in the forth coming general elections 2014.
  6. There was no detailed discussion in LS or RS.
  7. The voting conducted was by voice vote, even though there is no restriction on speaker, which commonly used for simple bills or moving amendments definitely not for crucial bills affecting lives & aspirations of crores of people. 
  8. Prior to voting in LS,  cc cameras switched off, lights went off, agitating Seemandhra MP's were rounded off and beaten by other Congress MP's to prevent them reaching well and voice vote conducted inflicting gross injustice to Seemandhra.
  9. While KCR was shown the draft bill and modified as per his wishes none from Seemandhra was taken into confidence while drafting the bill.
  10. Even Supreme Court refused to intervene to stall the unjust bifurcation of AP.
  11. Ironically, Pranab Mukherjee, who as Central Minister & heading the committee for AP Reorganization sat on the issue for five years without preparing report, has signed bill as President and promulgated the AP Reorganization Act 2014 turning Nelson's eye to the injustices meted out to Seemandhra by Sonia Gandhi.
After April 2014 ( AP Reorganization Act 2014 passed)
  1. Capital was not mentioned in the Act.
  2. Hyderabad was named as common capital with only safety & security aspects were made the responsibility with out detailing the procedure. Consequently AP Administration has to remain at the mercy of Telangana Police which is unimaginable. Even Union Home Ministry didn't enforce this clause leaving Seemandhra people at the mercy of hostile Telangana people. Hyderabad has 35-40% population from Seemandhra region along with their properties and businesses. 
  3. The Seemandhra territories of erstwhile Andhra state prior to AP formation in 1956 namely Bhadrachalam division, Alampur and Munagala were not reverted back to Seemandhra. However all mandals of Bhadrachalam excluding the town with Temple were reverted to AP by ordinance prior to appointed date by BJP government due to implication in Polavaram project submergence and R&R issue.
  4. All assets with in the AP state were allocated to TS & AP based on geographical locations while liabilities & assets outside the united AP territory were to be shared in proportion to population. Ironically all the loans during last 15 years were taken for Hyderabad city and Telangana projects. No projects worth while came up in Seemandhra region. This resulted in all assets to TS and 52% liabilities to AP.
  5. AP Bhawan, New Delhi was bifurcated for sharing between TS & AP. Now KCR demands that TS is the legal heir of Nizam's estate and AP Bhawan is part of Nizam estate and AP should be ejected out of AP Bhawan.
  6. Nagarjunsagar Dam was given to Telangana state and Srisailam dam was given to AP state for O&M. The funny part is that NS Right Canal head works located in Seemandhra region was given to the control of TS where as Srisailam pumped storage plant in TS was not given to AP. This has resulted indiscriminate release of water by TS for power generation. At the same TS didn't honor the KRMB decisions for releasing few TMC of water for drinking water purpose citing Hyderabad pumping will get effected due to poor levels.
  7. While clearing Polavaram project, Brajesh Mishra suggested that since 80 TMC of Godavari water gets diverted to Krishna Delta, 15 TMC should be given to Maharashtra, 20 TMC to Karnataka and balance 45 TMC water should be utilized at projects upstream NS Dam. Meaning 45 TMC water could be utilized at Srisailam by pumping to TS on left side and to Rayalaseema on right side in united AP state since Polavaram would be built by AP funds. Now Polavaram is a national project wand its completion is at least 8 years away. In the meantime AP Govt completed temporary Pattiseema LI project to pump Godavari waters into Polavaram right canal (which was almost completed). Pattiseema will get dismantled once Polavaram get completed. Neither Center nor TS contributed any money for Pattiseema project. TS claiming share in 80 TMC Pattiseema waters in ridiculous and untenable. Pattiseema water has no utilization down stream and will get emptied into Bay of Bengal.
  8. Funny incident ... GHMC asked AP Secretariat in Hyderabad to pay Property Tax. AP Chief Secretary asked them to clarify whether AP Govt owns these buildings. If YES, then they will pay. If NO, then they should ask owners of the buildings to pay taxes. So far no reply from GHMC.
  9. With the past two years bitter experience with TS, AP asked KRMB to take over all Krishna projects NS Dam and upstream to manage and release water as per rightful shares. TS refuses demanding down stream projects also. Needless to say down stream projects in no way effects upper riparian state TS. Spineless Center keeping mum and watching tamasha at the expense of AP.
  10. AP was assured special status for period of 5 years at the behest of BJP, by then PM Manmohan Singh prior to passing of AP Reorganization Bill 2014. BJP demanded for 10 years and assured that they would come into power and modify it to 10 years. Since the bill was already passed in LS and getting amendment passed is difficult, the matter left to Union Govt for follow up action. Subsequently prior to general elections 2014, cabinet approved the special status to AP for 5 years and Planning Commission was asked to facilitate this. BJP after winning elections states that special status is not feasible due Finance Commission's recommendations and Niti Ayog's (in place Planning Commission) guidelines. How can Govt appointed Bodies rule down proceedings of Parliament and decisions approved by Union Cabinet? No answer. In fact Special Status was not asked by any body but BJP themselves only while in opposition. After assuming power, somersault by BJP. Strange! Worse than Congress.

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