Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Globalization effects in India

Today we are witnessing 25+ years of economic liberalization leading to Globalization.
There are many advantages and disadvantages.

  1. Technology transfer
  2. Access to developed countries markets
  3. Improved productivity
  4. Improved living standards
  5. Poverty alleviation
  6. Foreign Investments creating jobs for poor
  7. Education increase for jobs with higher skill sets
  8. Increased life expectancy
  9. Easy access to global information & lifestyles
  1. Environmental degradation or destruction
  2. Higher pollution with poor regulation of environmental safety
  3. Instability in commercial & financial markets
  4. Increased inequality between rich & poor
  5. Increased external dependency
  6. Export of raw materials, food & oil
  7. Spread of new diseases
  8. Talent migration resulting in decreased skilled labor
  9. Destruction of culture, customs, traditions, identity & own language
  10. Destruction of combined family benefits to elders
  11. Increase in single living, single child & divorce rates
  12. Increase in prostitution, liquor consumption etc
  13. Increase in bad habits among youth
  14. Increase in rape, violence and drug abuse
India with almost 40% people below poverty line, and illiteracy at 40%, globalization benefits are very very limited for these sections of people. The fact that beggars use cell phones is the height of development aberration. Government neglecting Education & Health sectors under lobbying from vested corporate interests, these sectors have become inaccessible for lower middle class & poorer sections. Another ill effect is increase in corruption that has acquired  cultural acceptance leading to social degeneration. With less controls by government, black money generation, over charging for services, non-compliance of laws & regulation by rich & famous has its devastating effects. Chinese dumping their substandard manufactured goods have destroyed our local small & medium size industries. 

In conclusion, globalization benefits are fully enjoyed by rich, famous, educated & skilled people (about 40% of population) while disadvantages are more or less borne by all equally. Where as its ill effects are hurting poor & illiterate and people in agriculture, rural avocations (60% of population) very badly. Even after 25 years of liberalization our governments haven't done any thing for ensuring passage of these benefits to these under privileged people except making some paper laws.

Gandhi's advise to Nehru on assumption of office of first Prime Minister of independent India is paraphrased as "Whenever you set up to sign a paper as Prime Minister, think about common man on street & peasant in field and if beneficial to them sign it otherwise think about it". which was long forgotten and today successive governments follow the opposite. Gandhi also advocated for "Sarvodaya" which truly means "Simultaneous upliftment of all sections of society" was never given a thought by all our rulers in independent India. Today if any body talks about Gandhian principles he will be looked at as a pervert.

Today,  our Government is by the rich, for the rich and of the rich. This is very much against the principles of democracy to provide equal opportunities to all without any discrimination and is in violation of Constitution of India.

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