Tuesday, 28 June 2016

KCR Claims AP Bhawan for Telangana

We all  know that Telangana State was carved out of Andhra Pradesh as per AP Re-organisation Act 2014 and apportionment of assets outside the territory of Andhra Pradesh was defined in Article 48 as reproduced below:
48. (1) Subject to the other provisions of this Part, all land and all stores, articles and other goods belonging to the existing State of Andhra Pradesh shall,
       (a) if within the transferred territory, pass to the State of Telangana; or
       (b) in any other case, remain the property of the State of Andhra Pradesh:
Provided that in case of properties situated outside the existing State of
Andhra Pradesh, such properties shall be apportioned between the successor States on the basis of population ratio.

Incidentally, the AP Re-organisation Act 2014 was also co authored by KCR also, he himself boasts of it. AP Bhawan was bifurcated accordingly.

After full two years in power, KCR the CM of Telangana State makes a fancy claim on the AP Bhawan in New Delhi citing the fact that it was actually Nizam's property prior to independence and TS is its legal heir and AP should be ejected out is unsustainble, untenable and legally invalid, which he, his secretariat and his legal pundits know very well.

In the backdrop, KCR always aroused sentiments for diverting the attention of people from teething issues owing to his hidden motives, inaction & failures. So far he was successful. Now opposition parties are using same weapon in "Mallanna Sagar project displaced people's rights" and he is finding himself at the receiving end and he brought this card out. 

In the past two years, KCR had continuous political successes in decimating opposition parties by winning bye elections & municipal elections and encouraging defections, he had very few successes and saddled with many failures on development front. Almost all his projects are "white elephants" which consumed too much capital and returns very less to exchequer making Telangana heading towards a debt ridden state in coming years. So far Hyderabad city is saving face of KCR as CM and Telangana as a State.

On other hand, AP even though saddled with few assets, huge liabilities & budget deficit and facing huge task of building capital, institutions and employment opportunities is slowly limping mainly due to its strong agriculture base despite Center's cold support due to vision and leadership of N.Chandrababu Naidu even though some of his projects are too much to swallow. New state AP needs to understood and grow step by step steadily rather competing with other metropolitan cities focusing more on good governance and citizen's needs.

KCR will do better if only he restores harmony with people of Andhra Pradesh by eliminating sentimental friction and recognizing their rights as citizens of India. Sentiments based wins are temporary but wisdom based wins are long lasting. Otherwise scarce resources and energies will get consumed in fighting between two groups of Telugu brothers and achieving nothing. Tolerance & Co-operation are the keys.

In case KCR is so sentimental about AP Bhawan to Telangana only, the only way is to negotiate with AP CM Chandrababu Naidu and offer fair compensation so that AP CM could obtain approval of AP Legislature and transfer it to Telangana. Even Centre and SC would be of no help to him in this matter.  However this would also require some kind of path of reconciliation on his part on all the pending bifurcation related sharing issues, not AP Bhawan issue in its singularly.

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