Sunday, 11 September 2016

ABN Andhra Jyothi - RK Kothapaluku Sep 11, 2016

  • The editorial shows RK's shift from AP towards TRS and BJP suggestive of accepting their superiority just because they are at giving end and AP at receiving end. This is unprincipled.
  • Even though Pawan Kalyan's outbursts at Kakinada indicates his political immaturity but reflects the feelings of people of AP in reality.
  • The 'Central Assistance to AP' package unveiled by Arun Jaitley & Venkaiah Naidu on Sep 08, 2016 falls short of fulfilling the obligations of Central Government contained in AP Reorganisation Act 2014 and promises made by then PM on the floor of RS while passing the bill at the behest of BJP leaders. Hence it is outright rejectable. No person with some kind of self respect will suggest its acceptance.
  • RK quoting Andhra leaders walking out of Madras city immediately on announcing Andhra statehood without Madras city is only on the persuasion by Nehru to resolve the issue arising out of death of Potti Sreeramulu and its aftermath and avoiding conflict with stubborn C.Rajagopalachari CM, Madras state rather than any thing else. Nehru assured Andhra leaders about his acceptance to form linguistic states very soon and first linguistic state will be with merger of Andhra state and nine telugu speaking districts of Hyderabad state with Hyderabad city as its capital. Distorting facts and  writing in obscene language is indicative of either ignorance of facts or stupidity or both, by RK.
  • RK should realise that Andhra statehood including Northern parts of Madras city was recommended by Madras Governor to Viceroy in 1930's but due to World War II it got stalled. Andhra statehood was promised by Gandhi in early 1940's but were asked to wait till independence.  But Gandhi died with in months of independence. It was C. Rajagopalchari powerful Tamil CM of Madras who could stall creation of Andhra state that resulted in frustration, fasting and death of Potti Sreeramulu. Trying to avoid confrontation with CR, Nehru persuaded Andhra leaders to forego Madras city and promised Hyderabad city while forming linguistic state of Andhra Pradesh. In the light of these facts, RK's loose comments on Andhra is uncharitable and despicable.
  • Chandrababu Naidu, TDP CM of AP has full majority in the Assembly and he could very well reject the insulting package of Modi and survive in power. Who knows who will win in 2019 elections. I wish Modi not. Principles, self respect (NTR's anti Indira slogan of 1983) and political honesty are not negotiable and few thousands of crores is not worthy of that. 
  • I would be glad if CBN calls it a day with BJP both at Centre & State and rejects the package and files 'writ of mandamus' in SC for directing Centre to fulfill its obligations of centre to AP as per AP Reorganisation Act 2014, which they didn't do deliberately on some pretext or other.
  • Hats off to ONGC Charman Dinesh K Sarraf for filing case against Reliance as A1 and Union Government Ministry of Petroleum (70% shareholder in ONGC) as A2 in 'Great Indian Gas Robbery by Reliance' and safeguarding ONGC interests walking extra miles. I wish Chandra Babu Naidu to take clue from this.
  • Venkaiah Naidu & Arun Jaitley (both opposition BJP leaders in RS then) has raised the matter of  'Special category Status' for AP in Rajya Sabha in 2014 and projected this as a magic wand which will solve all the problems arising out of mindless bifurcation of state by both Congress & BJP and the same was agreed on the floor of RS by the then UPA PM in the form of statement minutes before passing the Bill. And now same Venkaiah Naidu & Arun Jaitley, Central Ministers, at the behest of PM Modi, dares to say that certain NDC procedures doesn't allow them for granting SCS to AP now and came out with another magic wand called 'Central Assistance to AP' package which in its true sense is half of the obligations as per AP Reorganisation Act 2014 and expects AP people just accept it without applying their mind & brain. What an audacity on the part of BJP leaders for this shameless gesture. If they have guts let them conduct public meeting at Benz Centre, Vijayawada, talk about this and walk out in single piece without Police protection. 
  • Needless to say that Union Government is accountable to Parliament only and nobody else as long as it follows Constitution and its statutes. Planning Commission, NDC etc are its subordinate organisations and their procedures are not binding on Union Cabinet. Even less educated person can vouch for this. BJP should understand what they are talking on SCS not granting to AP.
  • If I have the authority, I would reject the package in its totality and insist on fulfilling AP Reorganisation Act 2014 provisions and promises made on the floor of Rajya Sabha to be in full, come what may within reasonable time frame.
  • RK's suggestion to accept package and whatever it is worth, is unacceptable non-sense. People of AP are not beggars with begging bowl kneeling in front of Modi to accept what ever he feels like giving.
  • RK praising KCR and his tendencies as a great political skills in another nonsense. On other hand High Court and Supreme Court admonished him for his illegal acts in at least 15 cases and some more cases in pipe line. I haven't seen such a shameless CM losing 15 cases in courts and continuing in that position. KCR resisting to hand over assets due to AP even after SC judgement and its time limit expired indicates how much respect he has for constitution, laws of the land etc. And height of stupidity is RK praising his maneuvers as great administrative skills.
  • The writing will go endless and is worth stopping here.
  • I wish RK will regain his lost senses.

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