Friday, 30 September 2016

Genuine Happiness - 10 Ways

Everyone is responsible for their own happiness and it means different things to different people. Various factors such as physical and mental fitness, income levels, loved ones and career achievements influence you. However, if you feel you aren't happy, you can bring a positive change to your situation. 

Learning to be more aware can do wonders for your well-being -productivity at work, food choices & habits or handling relationships. 

If you re-train your brain, you can learn to be happy. Here are 10 ways that could help.

1. Giving 
Caring about others and being helpful is fundamental to one's happiness. Not only does it lead to a healthier lifestyle, it also creates stronger connections between people and builds a healthy society.When you give to other people in some way, it activates your reward senses. 

2. Empathy 
Human beings are social beings and are designed to live in a social environment. In this set-up, it is important to feel connected to other people to avoid loneliness and depression. One way is to understand other's problems and offer help. 

3. Exercising 
Physical and mental exercises reduce stress, improve mood and lower anxiety. The release of endorphins and increase of T-cells in the body increase the level of happiness and strengthen the immune system. Any form of exercise also gives one a sense of accomplishment. 

4. Awareness 
Learning to be more aware can do wonders for your well-being -productivity at work, food choices and habits or handling relationships. It helps you get in tune with your feelings and stops you from dwelling on the past or worrying about the future so you can get more out of your day-to-day life. 

5. New experiences 
Embarking on new experiences can expand your senses and can also feed your creativity. New ideas come from diverse thoughts and the more you learn, the more you can change your way of life, for the better. 

6. Direction 
Goals help one's happiness. Be it small or large goals, planning and working towards them gives you a sense of fulfilment and something to look forward to. 

7. Resilience 
There is no good or bad experience, it's how you perceive it. You just need to find ways to bounce back and cope. Sometimes, it is important to rethink how you interpret situations. Remember to not jump to conclusions. Instead, pause and evaluate the circumstances. Be resilient. 

8. Emotions 
Research found that regularly experiencing positive emotions like joy, gratitude, contentment, inspiration, and pride creates an upward spiral and helps in building resources. It helps to focus on the good aspects of any situation the glass half full rather than the glass half empty. 

9. Acceptance 
Identifying your strengths and weaknesses and accepting your unique self for who you are boosts your happiness quotient. Focus on your strengths and be comfortable in your skin. 

10. Meaning 
Be a part of something bigger and think about the footprints you want to leave b e hind. Finding meaning is not always easy but you can take baby steps. Think about what you want to be remembered for. 

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