Friday, 30 September 2016

Surgical Strikes by India on Pak terrorists

Narendra Modi's administration was widely applauded by all sections of the nation for carrying out surgical strikes in POK (Pak Occupied Kashmir) terrorist camps killing some 40 terrorists, successfully without suffering any causalities. This was retaliation for terrorists striking our military camps killing some 18 soldiers, 10 days ago. We can except retaliation from Pakistan sooner or later. Pakistan politicians always depended on "hate-India" for their political survival.

Military option is always available in some form or another, but the risk is that it could escalate into full fledged war. With both nations armed with nuclear war heads, the loosing country might use nuclear option to avoid humiliation of defeat. In which case retaliatory nuclear war will destroy both the nations. While India will suffer huge losses which recovery will take over ten years, Pakistan will disintegrate.

There is nothing so great about Indian surgical strikes within two kilometers from our border.

I recollect 40 years ago 100 Israeli Military commandos traveled 4,000 kms in 4 planes and raided Entebbe airport in Uganda following hijack of Air France plane, to rescue 98 Israelis held hostage by Palestinian militants. That was a dare devil operation applauded by the whole world. Today looking back the success was attributable more to luck than anything else.

  • Needless to say, war is nothing but destruction on both sides and pulls down economy and deprives fruits progress & development to poor people by few decades. Negotiations for peace is always the best option, if feasible.
  • Surgical strikes carries lots of risks and success or failure chances are always even.
  • However war stands inevitable to safeguard our frontiers and preserve unity & integrity of the nation. 

My View:
The truth of the situation and happenings will never be known. The bulletins released by Indian & Pakistan authorities are only half truths. The kind of huge publicity generated by Govt for this minuscule achievement, is unacceptable non sense. I suspect politics by Modi in this matter.

Recollect: In 1970 Indira Gandhi government was in minority following split in Congress party. She manipulated to interfere in Pakistan's internal political imbroglio that led to 1971 Indo-Pak war and liberation of Bangladesh (East Pakistan) with the help of USSR. Riding high pitch wave of war victory, she opted for mid-term poll and swept polls with 2/3rd majority pulverizing Grand Alliance of opposition parties. Economically we lost more than a decade of progress then.

History is the testimony for wars are always fought due to ego clash of political heads of states but never in national or people's interest. It is all about politics. Nothing else. People's interest always lies in peace. No war is inevitable.

BJP-Modi is adopting Congress model of politics again. Vajpayee did the same thing between 1999-2004 and lost next election. Modi should learn lessons from history and mend his ways other wise he will dumped in trash bin like Vajpayee.

However, all offences must be answered by our defence forces with lightning speed with surgical strikes and aerial bombings of terrorist camps and army camps, never on civilian and industrial units. People of India must be able sleep peacefully with confidence that our territories are secure and unity and integrity of India is guaranteed, no matter what it takes and costs.

While cross border strikes and terrorism is happening since quite some time, the present surgical strikes (no tangible evidence so far) media campaign aiming for political benefits by BJP in the forthcoming UP elections is not ruled out.

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