Sunday, 18 September 2016

Power Demand could become unmanageable in Telangana.

So far KCR was lucky with deficit rainfall resulting in lower power demand especially from agriculture sector. In this 3rd year, rainfall is near normal with normal ground water table resulting in increased agriculture activity will lead to increase in power demand from this sector once monsoon season ends. The spurt in demand could be as high as 1,500 MW and could become unmanageable for Telangana state. Even if imports will give some relief, the financial burden estimated at more than Rs.8,000 crore will severely effect budget and development & welfare activities. While TS will see power cuts, capital city Hyderebad is likely to escape at least for now.

AP with lesser pump sets and surplus power will have no problem on this front.

With reduced demand throughout the country, efficiency in coal production & imports and its logistics, power position remained good during this year.

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