Saturday, 18 November 2017

Why GST was rolled out hurriedly?

  • Immediately after botched demonetisation, the fact that they introduced the GST in such a hurry shows that the government is much more interested in actually presenting their macho image of someone who is capable of doing fantastic things rather than really thought out measures. 
  • With an eye on Gujarat elections & next general elections, rulers have resorted to wildest & reckless gamble on Indian economy. Otherwise they would have nothing to publicise during these elections with almost all failed schemes. Insanity is defined as doubling the speed while in wrong direction. 
  • Things like the economy must not be mucked around with just like that, in order to create impressions, in order to display ones attitudes.
  • The poorest in the country have suffered the most from this demonetisation.
  • The point is that GST is something that has affected the informal sector very badly.
  • In the economy now, the government is dealing blow after blow to the informal sector. 
  • They have this wrong idea that formalisation of the economy per se is a very good thing. Now if the economy got formalised on its own, through its own development, that’s one thing. But if you actually forcibly get the economy to be formalised, that basically occurs by dealing [a blow] to the informal sector. Now that is what is wrong, because those who are affected by it, there’s no cushion for them, they are not going to get jobs anywhere else. As a result, they just go under.
  • Now, there are many things government can do to reverse some of these negative impacts on informal sector. The first thing that they can do is to complete remonetisation and make sure that the cash shortage is overcome. Provide help to the informal sector - provide remunerative prices to the growers of cash crops who are facing crisis; provide low-interest loans to the growers of the cash crops and so on.
  • Before the neoliberal policies got going, the state aided the petty production sector in many ways to survive by giving assured prices, through giving subsidies, through protecting them from world market price fluctuations and so on. All those cushions have been removed, as a result this is a sector that is now being buffeted around by the so called market forces, which basically means being encroached upon by the large capital, the formal sector. Providing them succour by protecting them against such encroachments is the way to revive them and through that, the economy itself.
  • Modi & Jaitley have been making a number of statements about failed demonetisation which are quite worrying, because it is impossible to believe a responsible public functionaries should be using such utterly specious arguments. The fact of the matter is that with Indian experience, no country in the world will ever resort to demonetisation in next 100 years.
  • Venuzelean dictator emulated Modi's demonetisation but was wise enough to suspend with in few days due to public outcry, where as our Modi is much more thick skinned. He doesn't care when poor people dies.

In demonetisation, everything done was wrong.
In GST, nothing was done right

Modi unveiling quack advised and secretly planned ill prepared demonetisation on the nation effecting each and every one and destroying whole economy is unbelievable. Dealing with black money, corruption, terrorism and fake currency has nothing to do with demonetisation, which this buffoon thinks otherwise even now. Such a person is unfit to be at the helm of affairs of the nation even for a minute. Shamelessly he continues till public decides to over throw him.

On other hand Jaitley, FM talks about bringing informal sector into formal economy, by brute force in the name of GST, not knowing that the informal sector units neither have that much of awareness, nor adequate capital nor  sufficient margins to comply with formal sector requirements and would simply thrown out of business. Lacking this much knowledge he is unfit to be FM of the nation. Again shamelessly he hangs on to his seat of power and ultimately public will dump him trash bin.

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