Friday, 17 November 2017

Public policy implemetation

Conservatives are always scary about the increase in the size and scope of government. If the pitfalls and costs of implementation were properly understood, many policies would not be authorized, no matter how well intentioned. Recognize that central programs must be implemented locally. Implementation costs money and money is especially important politically when tax payers are in revolt.

Conservatives distrust governmental authority and wish to minimize the scope and cost of governmental activities. They are inherently suspicious of governmental bureaucracy. Liberals propose public policy solutions to a wide range of social problems, often ignoring the questions of the feasibility of implementation. Keep the government's hands off. Let the local level control and implement policy wherever feasible. Minimize and localize the activities of government and the scope of public policy. A policy may face unforeseen problems and must come with enough flexibility to allow government to change the course.

This is how governmental programs should be put into effect: 
  1. When in doubt, stay out.
  2. If something must be done, understand the behavioral dynamics and change the rules of the game without spending money.
  3. Hire a private contractor and do not try to produce the good or service directly through government. 
  4. When government must finance something, make sure that the money goes directly to the beneficiaries, not through indirect channels.
  5. If government must finance and administer, competition must be permitted as a yardstick to gauge success and cost.
  6. When government must obtain resources, it should purchase them in markets.
  7. When government produces a good or service, it should, when possible, charge the users a pro rated cost, not give away the good or service free of charge.
  8. Only as a last resort, when all the above has failed, should government finance, administer, and deliver the good or service free of charge.
Increased governance stresses the cost of government. And taxes depress other forms of spending, such as consumption and investment. A public policy will necessarily spend money, and money is central to this subject. 

Any policy is as good as it is administered

Authoritarian regime of Modi believes in majoritarianism and not secular at all. Ambedkar has rightly described as 'democracy in India is only a top-dressing on an Indian soil, which is essentially undemocratic'. Opaqueness in administration is increasing and none of the principles of democracy are being followed by Modi regime and institutions are getting reduced to nothing. None of the above rules are being followed in public policy administration. Whims are in the forefront.

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