Friday, 4 November 2016

Habeus Corpus for producing Naxal leader RK

Habeus Corpus writ filed in HC by Naxal leader RK's wife
Naxals or Maoists wearing lethal weapons smuggled from other countries, living away from society in jungles and commanding people at their will and ruthlessly killing people not obeying them and also policemen encountering them are nothing but terrorists. There is no such thing called 'foreign terrorists' and 'Indian terrorists'. Both are anti-nationals and enemies of the civilized world.

You see the audacity of the naxal leader RK's wife Padma and civil liberties leaders Varavara Rao & co. On one hand they defy constitution and laws of the land creating terror among tribals on some pretext or other and when caught by police they expect police treat them with all civil rights honored. Suddenly they remember that Naxals are also citizens of this country and approach courts and human rights commissions for their well being. HC commenting that Naxals or otherwise, government must provide security to all citizens is simply obnoxious. What about the rights of the victims of Naxals and families of policemen who are killed by Naxals brutally? Policemen risks their lives in catching them and our blind courts often releases them in accordance with laws of the land. Thus policemen after catching these terrorists has no incentive and produce them in courts for trial etc. which is nothing but farcical. When encounter takes place in forests especially during dark from where police will get eye witness to prosecute them. The easy option for them is kill them under the pretext of self defense.

RK shot into fame when his gang blasted AP CM Chandrababu Naidu's car at Alipiri ghat. But he survived with grievous injuries on Oct 01, 2003 because the car was rugged and bulletproof and above all luck.

How will he & his family feel for letting RK and his rights being upheld by courts.

Group of 40-50 Maoists in military like uniform armed with lethal weapons -- what legitimate activity they are doing in prohibited reserved forests walking 28 km, other than conspiring against the state. Any sane government would challenge them and if they retaliate surely would eliminate them.

It has been policy of all governments to eliminate Naxals for their illegal ans anti-social activities and eliminating them is the only way.

My View:
I do remember in 1976 when Palestine terrorists hijacked Ar France plane and kept 100 Isreali citizens as hostages at Entebbe Airport, Uganda, neither Israeli government nor people of Isreal have shown any interest for exchanging jailed terrorists and ransom amount as demanded by hijackers. They preferred dare devil military rescue operation which had successfully rescued all the hostages except few casualties. Thus they insulated themselves from future hijacks for next 30 years. Prior to Entebbe raid, 2 to 3 hijacks were common every month. A hostage has told the hijacker at Entebbe that "My country doesn't bargain with terrorists". See the clarity and firmness in resolution.

Naxals or anybody, yielding lethel weapons other than licensed by Government are terrorists and must be dealt with iron fist and society must be made secure and safe by eliminating them. Their principles might be noble but their actions are untolerable, unbearable and unacceptable. Courts should be careful while dealing such cases and refrain from the temptations of  'judicial activism'. Courts must refrain making adverse comments on government during the course of hearing is unacceptable nonsense. They should reserve all comments and advise till the day of judgement. They should emulate Justice Jagmohanlal Sinha. Otherwise sooner or later they too could become victims of some terrorists.

Those who doesn't respect 'Constitution of India' 
have no right to seek for protection under its aegis.

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