Thursday, 3 November 2016

KCR's Residence cum camp office highlights

CM KCR's  Residence 40,000 Sft
Multipurpose Hall 15,000 Sft

Camp Office 50,000 Sft
  • Campus 9 Acres.
  • Residence 2 Acres & 40,000 Sft.
  • Camp Office 50,000 Sft with conference hall for 50 persons.
  • Multipurpose Hall 15,000 Sft for upto 500 persons.
  • Total Built up Area: Over 1,05,000 Sft
  • Location Begumpet (Behind the existing Camp office).
  • Parking: for over 300 cars.
  • Compound wall length: 1 km.
  • Estimated cost: Rs.30 crores.
    (Actual could be as high as Rs.100 crores)
  • Cost of land extra. Rs.60-80 crores per acre.
  • Contractor: Shapoor Pallonji & Co Ltd.
  • Date of completion: By end of Nov 2016.

  • Ratan Tata lives in his modest Rs.10 crores, 3 floors, & 13,500 sft home (Plot size of 0.25 acres) and controls Rs.8,00,000 crores Tata Group. In contrast Mukesh Ambani lives in his extravagant Rs.5,000 crores, 400,000 Sft, 27 Floors (60 stories height) on 1.25 Acres plot and controls his Rs.300,000 crores Reliance Group. The contrast is elegance vs exuberance.
  • Indira Gandhi as I&B Minister in 1964 was allotted No.1 Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi and she lived in that bungalow for next 20 years even as Prime Minister for 15 years. The adjacent bungalow was remodelled as PMO and foot path was laid interconnecting her home & PMO. All these 20 years she used only Ambassador car and always preferred cotton sarees. Eventhough inherited riches, her life style was simple and thrift her guiding principle.
  • India is a country where the wealthy have long hidden their expensive indulgences. These days they are shamelessly indulging in vulgarity of display of wealth reflected in exuberant marriages, birthday parties etc. Sadly politicians in power are enjoying much more lavish life styles at public expense.
  • Read Nani Palkhiwala observation about Politician.
  • The recent Gali Janardhan Reddy's daughter's 1,000 crore marriage, Nita Ambani's 220 crore birthday bash etc are few glaring examples. In the past Hinduja Brother's Junu Beach marriage, Diamond merchant's marriage at Wankhede Stadium and Jayalalitha son's 100 crore marriage some unforgotten memories.
My View:
Telangana state while its budget has some nominal surplus, people in districts are largely backward, uneducated and poor. KCR heading the state of Telangana indulging in constructing new grand official home cum camp office at an expense of Rs.100 crore and attempting to demolish and construct new Secretariat at an expense of about Rs.2,000 crores, citing 'Vaasthu' defects of existing facilities in unacceptable nonsense. While creating facilities and upgrading with modern technologies for efficient administration is necessary crossing the lines of decency is unpardonable. But KCR's style is exceeding Nizam and Maharaja of Gwalior.

The executive powers of spending money without legislature approval is ought to be limited to real emergencies & exigencies of public welfare is OK.  But all other government expenses must be budgeted and approved by legislature prior to spending. Now a days none of the CMs & PM are following this fiscal discipline. Executive's exigent decisions are often result of publicity mongering or corruption or nepotism and sad part is that no one is questioning them and even if questioned they shamelessly ignore that.

Unless fiscal spending discipline is enforced and meticulously followed, public spending will continue to be with over 75% pilferage & corruption and up to 25% genuine spending.

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