Sunday, 5 March 2017

Modi's blatant lies

Never in the past we had heard such a blatant lies from a Prime Minister, like that of Modi. Here are some examples
  • Modi in his UP election campaign stated that, Kanpur train accident of November 20, 2016 which took more than 150 lives had been a case of cross border terrorism conflating terrorism with Muslims. Railway Board Chairman AK Mittal stated that "We never said sabotage has caused accident at Kanpur. Someone else said it".
  • In another speech trying make fun of Rahul Gandhi as fool, Modi said that Mr.Gandhi announced in Manipur that they would start Coconut juice packaging plant in Manipur even though coconuts were not grown in Manipur. The fact is that Rahul Gandhi has spoken of fruits grown in Manipur and never referred to coconuts.
  • SP and Congress challenged both these absurd lies & distortions but BJP maintained stoic silence.
  • Junior politicians are notorious for blatant lies or over exaggeration but never from senior leaders that too holding office of Prime Minister.
My View:
Ever since 2002 Gujarat riots, Modi has never displayed dignified statesmanship, but always remained hardcore RSS pracharak. Never there is any case of truthfulness or sincerity of purpose in his utterances at any time in the past. Nor he is as honest as he projects himself. In those days, even though not outright corrupt like his predecessors, he was notorious as 4% Chief Minster. Demonetization fiasco and in its aftermath, innumerable lies were doled out with the sole aim of confusing masses and make them believe that everything was going right. Only fascist dictators depended on heavy propaganda in the history and today Modi & BJP are doing exactly the same. Fudging economic data - inflating GDP by +2 points, GDP Growth by +3 points and inflation by -3 points Modi went on projecting India's 'struggling economy' as a 'racing economy' and ironically world hadn't believed it. Modi, the worst economic manager, a blatant liar is very dangerous to the nation. Modi will do anything to win election and stay put in power. His revolting against Vajpayee in 2002 and his dumping Advani & Joshi in 2014 are classic examples. Alienating & excluding 16% Muslims and 2% Christians, Modi Government will never get legitimacy to rule the nation. Individuals might carried away by his verbal histrionics but electorate as a mass will always deliver right verdict.

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