Sunday, 19 March 2017

Yogi Adityanath is CM of UP, but ...

Yogi Adityanath elected as BJP LP leader and ascending to CM of UP, after BJP's remarkable victory in 2017 assembly elections is fine but definitely relegates Muslims of UP as second rated citizens with all their civil rights more or less stripped off.

Modi's master plan of not announcing CM candidate in advance has attracted gullible young & unorthodox Muslim voters vote for development plank but what they got is 'hardcore anti-Muslim' Hindu fanatic as their Chief Minister. With anoyher bigger fanatic Modi as PM and absolute majorities in UP, LS and RS very soon, constructing Ram Mandir at Babri Majid demolition site is a certainty in next 1-2 years. While there is no disputing that sooner or later Ram Mandir construction will happen, the question is that the same should happen after convincing Muslim community and their religious leaders. Now only process of law will be followed by BJP but not with the consent of Muslims of UP/India. There are 4 crore Muslims in UP (19%) and ~17 crore Muslims (14%) in India and alienating them makes no sense. In coming months, if LK Advani becomes President, rumored as gift by Modi for appointing him as Gujarat CM in 2001, and protecting him during Gujarat riots 2002 etc, RSS hardcore activists as Prez, PM & UP CM construction of Ram Mandir becomes unstoppable whether Muslim community agrees or not.

Few criminal cases are pending against Yogi Adityanath for his anti-Muslim militant activities and his becoming CM, as per my sense, is improper and drives minorities towards helplessness. The least he should have done is to get these cases closed exonerating him prior to ascending to powerful constitutional positions.

Modi's India will very soon become an "Hindu Nation" shedding its secular character preserved so far and minorities, especially Muslims, will have to forget their legitimate rights and get habituated to lead second rate citizen life.

Alienating 20% minorities, BJP UP government will never get legitimacy to rule the state. It remains to be seen if India’s democracy can withstand the religious and fascist forces that seem to reign supreme now.

Muslims suffering discrimination in India is a hard fact.

Muslim leaders lacked sense to foresee the future and should have magnanimously volunteered agreeing for Ram Mandir construction and extracted guarantees for preservation of other disputed Masjids across nation, when they had upper hand on these issues.

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