Monday, 9 October 2017

Income grows, when you grow

  • Income is materialistic and quantitative representation of your success.
  • As you earn more, you succeed. But without success there is no monetary benefit.
  • To be rich, to earn more and to make the income grow, one needs to grow & succeed. 
  • Success comes to those who grow rapidly both as a person and as an employee as well.
  • It’s all about the mindset and the personality you develop. So your developments, your prosperity is in your hand. The faster you develop those skills, personalities and competencies, the easier it will be for you to grow and earn more.
  • The moment when you become comfortable in your zone, you cease to grow.
  • The more you plan and procrastinate, the longer you will take to grow.
  • Invest in your academics in early day. This will facilitate your entire career. A full time course from a renowned institute always adds value. Work hard to crack those premium institutes. You professional prospect will be limitless in those colleges.
  • Identify your weaknesses and strength. The sooner you figure that out, the better for you. Work on the weaknesses and try to improve them. Hone your strengths for further improvement. 
  • Networking, strong determination and integrity are other three factors which help in overall growth and development. Lastly, a sound financial knowledge is mandatory to earn, save. Invest and thereby grow.
  • So once you are aware of the right mix of the above ingredients, you start growing. This growth needs to continue till the time you breathe your last.
  • Learning new subjects, language has always been proved beneficial. Upgrading and honing technical skills and competencies need to happen simultaneously with your full time job.
  • Massive layoff in IT firms for the past few months is due to obsolescence of the existing skill-sets. Those paid off employees are opting for courses for their career growth or just to bag a job immediately. However in such scenarios, it is always advisable to be pro-active than reactive.
  • The day you stop learning and growing, your career will go for a toss. 
  • You gather knowledge, experience and skill, the industry will be ready to grab you with the best compensation or you will be ready to come up with a unique idea for entrepreneurship. 
  • Be unique and strong in whatever your strength is. That will differentiate you from the rest of the workforce and help you brand yourself to the industry. 
  • The concluding advice is don’t run after money, concentrate on your own growth and money will follow.

Everything good in life is either immoral, illegal or fattening ... Nicole Richie
He who wishes become millionaire in a year will get hanged in two years.

My View:
Money is not that difficult to earn. Look at the people who earn money effortlessly by connections and manipulations. Money is only difficult to earn ethically, morally & legally. Compromise in all these three, then money will flood you. God seldom gives riches to good people. Morality is generally incompatible with amassing wealth. Most wealthy people in this world have committed some kind of abuse on society or nature in their path to riches. No good man has ever become rich. 

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