Tuesday, 17 October 2017

India slips to 100/119 in Global Hunger Index!


Insanity is defined doubling the speed in wrong direction

It is a matter of shame that our politicians tell us that our's is most powerful economy in the world where as the reality is we are in the club of Bangladesh, Cambodia, Nepal, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan and North Korea with half of the population either hungry or malnourished. Let someone remind Modi that his primary job is here with poor & lower classes not with Ambani's & Adani's and we don't need bullet trains but we need safe & affordable trains and that we just need schools, nutrition, healthcare, drinking water, sanitation, transportation, jobs and livelihoods for decent living. Spectacular publicity, self aggrandizement and Mussolini type fascism leads us to nowhere. People trapped in poverty can't just work hard to come out of that. They need external helping hand. That is the primary responsibility of the Government. Anything else is next. Modi must understand this. Knowing his personality, I am sure he will not. The irony is that one half of India is grappling with obesity and diabetes spending crores of rupees for getting treatment in corporate hospitals for over eating while the other half is either under fed or malnourished.

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