Friday, 11 May 2018

Federal Front: KCR assisting Modi

KCR's lonely proclamation in Hyderabad, a month ago, of forming 'Federal Front' equidistant from BJP and Congress reveals his secret agenda. While his opposing Congress and BJP in Telangana is understandable, there is no way a non-Congress front would be able to fight and unseat BJP (and Modi) at Centre. In fact a non-BJP & non-Congress front, as conceived by KCR, can neither win nor serve any meaningful purpose except clandestinely helping BJP in dividing anti incumbency votes in 2019 elections.
  • A third front is a certainty prior to 2019 elections and Chandra Babu Naidu might get a very active role in the front mainly due to his taking head-on with Modi after 2018 budget denying any assistance to AP, as per AP Reorganisation Act 2014 due to his previous experience in 1990's and his vast contacts and KCR doesn't like to play junior role to him, despite being so in life & politics.
  • Except Deve Gowda, whose JD(S) has nothing against the BJP, none of the leaders — Mamata Banerjee, Naveen Patnaik, Hemanth Soren and MK Stalin — were enthusiastic about the objective of KCR’s proposed front.
  • Mamata is ready for a front against the BJP, but she is opposed to exclude the Congress. Hemanth Soren has entered into an electoral understanding with the Congress even while KCR has been in touch with him. The DMK, too, was non-committal about KCR’s proposal.
  • After meeting Mamata Banerjee at Kolkata, while KCR was addressing, Ms Banerjee replied to a scribe’s question saying, “it is not like whatever Mr Rao has said, I completely agree with that”. 
  • CM Naveen Patnaik has made it amply clear that it would be a “courtesy call” as KCR happens to be in the state next week. “Rao is visiting Puri temple. On his return journey, he wanted to meet me. I agreed. The meeting has nothing to do with politics,” Patnaik told the media a day after KCR’s office announced the upcoming meeting.
  • Both Rao and Akhilesh Yadav did not comment on whether this new coalition of regional powers, if it comes together, will be open to working with the Congress. “Our goal is not to make someone prime minister, but to take India forward. Nobody is an untouchable here and can work with us. The driving force of our alliance will be our agenda" KCR said adding that it could take about two months to arrive at a consensus and finalise an agenda.
  • TDP views KCR's front is intended to help the Prime Minister Modi. It is an open secret that KCR and Modi have a pact. Otherwise, why did the Telangana finance minister skip the southern states finance ministers’ conference, when KCR is questioning the Centre’s dictatorship and demanding more powers for the states?
  • The outcome of his highly publicised meetings doesn't commensurate with the brouhaha KCR generated among the TRS cadres with his announcement that he wants to change the destiny of the nation on the lines of Telangana. 
  • KCR's announcement that he himself would lead the non-BJP, non-Congress front has sent across the message that he might also be in the prime ministerial race. It triggered neither any interest nor any support from any corner. 
  • The poor response for his meetings elicited seems to have forced KCR to change his language vis-à-vis the Congress. 
  • KCR's political detractors in TS says that the whole episode is a political propaganda ahead of the election year. Many see the federal front as an attempt to divert people’s attention from the failures of the KCR government and his “collusion” with Andhra contractors, while others see it as a “drama” to facilitate smooth transfer of power to his son KT Rama Rao. 
Whether KCR is hoping to team up with BJP or Congress, one thing is clear. Federal Front does not have any ideological lines of political base. KCR says that BJP and Congress have failed to address the people’s problems in the last 70 years and the front is different and it will be according to people’s needs. Slogans pitching him as the PM are expected to create a second wave of pro-Telangana sentiment and help the TRS win 2019 elections in the face of growing unity among opposition parties in the state.

Modi becoming weaker month after month since May 2017, regional party leaders with 15-40 seats started day dreaming to become PM of India in 2019, even though majority in LS is 272 mark. Ridiculous. Whether any one likes or not, Congress is certain to get near about 150 LS seats while BJP will get confined to less than 100 in 2019 elections. Regional parties have no option except to join alliance with Congress and share ministerial positions at centre with a common minimum program. And Rahul Gandhi will become PM not withstanding his immaturity & visionlessness. In any case, he will do better than Modi who only destroyed economy with his senseless adventures and 2014-19 years will remain forgotten years. India should aim to become a happy nation rather than racing to become super power. And KCR's secret agenda, of helping BJP and Modi, will only boomerang on his face. BJP & Modi will have to blame themselves for squandering away great opportunity to rule India with absolute majority with their arrogance, audacity and atrocious behavior. Time and again non-congress parties have proved themselves fit for sitting in opposition benches not in treasury benches.

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