Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Vinod Rai's cushy jobs

The question is then CAG between 2008-13, Vinod Rai, holding constitutional position appointed by UPA exceeded his brief by publishing 2G Scam with humongous corruption figures of Rs. 180,000 crores without any substance or basis but also published booklets and distributed free of charge to all MPs to rake in Parliament which eventually was exploited by BJP, Modi, Arnab Goswami and many more. CBI, working directly under Modi could file in its charge sheet, in the 2G Scam case, corruption to the extent of Rs.30,000 crores only which was torn apart by the CBI Court Judge that not a single document nor an evidence was submitted by CBI or anyone to the court in the 2G Scam case for six long years. Vinod Rai, even though a retired person, kept stoic silence thereafter. Why?

While no one will be saint to dole out licenses without kickbacks, then and now as well, it was Vinod Rai who did the damage to UPA, Sonia Gandhi, MMS and Congress benefiting BJP, Modi etc. How come Supreme Court remembers only Vinod Rai every time and three times simultaneously to appoint him for what ever the work available with it? Is he the only competent person in whole India? After all, he is only an IAS officer without any specialized qualification but only long experience in Delhi corridors. As far as my knowledge and experience goes, Delhi will never come to my doorstep, no matter how much talented I am, but I must lick their boots to get any posting. Recollect shunting out of Amartya Sen and Raghuram Rajan by Modi administration, ruthlessly.

There is no question that Vinod Rai has RSS & BJP inclinations, despite licking boots of then FM P.Chidambaram to get CAG posting and then doing enormous damage to them. If not, why Vinod Rai hasn't criticized Modi & BJP during past 4 years, even once, despite enormous damages inflicted on the nation by Modi & BJP?

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