Friday, 19 August 2016

Discretionary powers usage must have meritorious explanation

My View:
In democracy, people holding powerful positions, especially in public administration, are vested with discretionary powers. That doesn't mean they can take whimsical decisions. Even while exercising such powers they are supposed to document reasons & circumstances for arriving at such decisions, with merit as the sole underlying reason and process followed is transparent and all eligible candidates were given chance to apply and compete. They can't dole out favors to relatives and friends which come under category of 'nepotism & corruption' and consequences will follow sooner or later.

Absence of 'no time limit' doesn't mean that speaker can sleep over the issue brought for his consideration for several years or forever. Tantamount to abuse of authority vested in him.

In this world, everybody is accountable to somebody, without any exception.
As systems mature, discretionary powers should be replaced with transparent processes.

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