Monday, 1 August 2016

BJP & Modi makes mockery of AP Reorganization Act 2014

Centre is supposed to resolve the teething issues between AP and TS which couldn't be resolved by them mutually with in a month or two, as per the AP Reorganization Act 2014  and also directed by the Supreme Court in its recent judgement.

The list of unresolved, teething and burning issues, even after two years of states reorganization, are:
  1. Role of governor in maintenance of law and order in Hyderabad.
  2. Division of institutions listed in Schedules 9 & 10 of the Act.
  3. Delay in bifurcation of High Court.
  4. Granting special category status to AP.
  5. Granting incentives for promotion of new industries in AP.
  6. Increasing Assembly seats in AP & TS, which requires Constitution amendment.
  7. Sharing of power.
  8. Sharing of Krishna & Godavari river waters.
  9. Inaction by KRMB and Apex council.
  10. Operation of Nagarjuna Sagar & Srisailam dams and its power houses.
  11. Release of adequate funds to AP for (i) budget deficit gap reimbursement (ii) Capital city construction and (iii) Polavaram dam construction
  12. Delaying funds for construction of buildings etc for national institutions started in temporary premises.
  13. Dugarajapatnam port sanction got diverted to Tamil Nadu.
  14. Kadapa steel plant conveniently forgotten.
  15. Railway zone for AP yet to be announced.
  16. Srisailam based LI projects by TS without water allocation and approvals will effect downstream AP's agriculture interests.
However, the Central Government headed by Narendra Modi of BJP is maintaining stoic silence over teething and burning issues purely for political reasons and protecting BJP's prospects in these states. On the contrary it is making vicious campaign that they are doing lot more than what they are supposed to do and they will fulfill all provisions made in the Act but never states when.

In most matters, AP is in disadvantageous position and is greatly disappointed for not getting enough central assistance & support even after two years of bifurcation despite being coalition partner at centre and in AP.

Like Deve Gowda was stated as PM of Karnataka, Modi is unable to see anything beyond Gujarat reflected by the recent visit of Chinese premier to Gujarat only and announcing several Chinese projects for Gujarat. And also Modi granted bullet train to Ahmedabad-Mumbai route only (in place of Ahmedabad-Mumbai-Pune route) and keeping aside five other equally or more important routes.

My View:
Arun Jaitley's statement in RS stating that AP just because is a coalition partner can't be given more funds is not only offensive but also insult to people of AP. First of all let him fulfill his legal obligations to AP as defined in the AP Reorganization Act 2014 and recollect promises made by Modi, Venkaiah Naidu and himself in various fora and fulfill them. After that the matter of favors comes into picture. The pertinent questions are just because AP is their coalition partner can't be deprived of their legitimate rights and keep them perennially waiting for central assistance. BJP trying to appease non coalition state governments (like TS, Orissa & TN) for political reasons* at the expense of coalition partners (like AP) is not only wrong but also unacceptable non-sense.

While Sonia Gandhi, Congress and UPA made blunder of passing defective AP Reorganization Bill 2014, circumventing the conventions & procedures with the help of BJP, now BJP & Modi are making mockery by not implementing their obligations of the Act and not rectifying the mistakes made in that Act and making irresponsible statements in Parliament belittling themselves.

Congress was buried in AP in 2014 elections then for their misdeeds now BJP is also heading for the same in next elections in AP.

* BJP requires support of TRS, AIADMK and BJD for passage of  GST bill in RS.
  Special category status denied to appease TRS and AIADMK.

  Polavaram delayed to appease BJD.

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