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Nayeemuddin encountered on Aug 8, 2016

  • Nayeemuddin is wanted in more than 100 cases of which more than 20 are murder cases. 
  • He was a former member of the People’s War Group and was reportedly involved in 20 murder cases. He surrendered years ago and later formed his own gang.
  • Among the many cases is the murder of IPS officer K.S. Vyas in 1993. 
  • He was also the main accused in the murder of gangster Patola Goverdhan Reddy in 2011.
  • He was linked to the murder of surrendered ex-naxalite K Samabasivudu and Konapuri Ramulu.
  • In May 1999, Nayeem's gang killed balladeer Belli Lalitha at Bhongir, chopped her body into 17 pieces and threw them in front of her sympathisers houses to send a stern warning to their enemies.
  • He had reportedly helped the police to nab Sohrabuddin Sheikh and his wife who were later killed in an alleged "encounter" by Gujarat Police in 2005.
  • Nayeemuddin, son of a driver who worked in the electricity department, was involved in settling land issues, blackmail. There are rumours that he acted as a hitman as well.
  • He had escaped police custody as many as 11 times and was adept at staying away from public and the law. Only once was he spotted attending the wedding of a close relative.
  • Not surprisingly, the police did not try too hard to nab this elusive gangster as they feared that he would expose them. However, of late, he was getting out of hand and so, the cops, with the help of Greyhounds, the elite group trained to fight against Maoists on any given terrain, took him down. He was at his friend Basha's house in the Millenium Township at Shadnagar in Mahbubnagar, around 50 km from the city of Hyderabad when he was murdered in exchange fire.
  • Police officials had evacuated the millennium township, Shadnagr late Sunday night before conducting the operation. Three people—Nayeemuddin, his bodyguard and a woman—was killed in the encounter on Aug 8, 2016. 
  • According to police sources, Nayeem had become a headache for ruling party legislators. Bhongir MLA P Sekhar Reddy was even given a bullet proof vehicle due to imminent threat from Nayeem and it came to light that several MLAs, businessmen and a few ministers had complained to the chief minister about the menace. "Nayeem has been threatening several legislators and key associates of some ministers. He even started blackmailing some ministers recently," a senior police officer said. Police provided bullet proof cars to the two MLAs.
  • Though, for the record, it was an extortion complaint lodged by an elected representative's husband that sounded the death knell for the 45-year-old gangster from Nalgonda, the real reason appears to be his threats to several TRS leaders, including some ministers, which forced police to go after Nayeem, who had been leading a lavish life at his four-storied residential building at Alkapuri Colony in Narsingi.
  • Till 2007, Nayeem moved freely and even attended many functions, but subsequently went underground and continued his illegal activities, mainly extortions from businessmen and politicians.
  • Police seized 600 original land documents from one of the houses of gangster Nayeemuddin. The land documents belong to several people from whom Nayeemuddin allegedly grabbed land through threats, intimidation and coercion.
  • The 45-year-old Nayeemuddin alias Nayeem, who earned assets worth more than Rs.10,000 crores, illegally, had a final desire to continue his lavish lifestyle after fleeing to Dubai along with his family members. He also requested some police officials to help him to get a passport after plastic surgery to his face. Police have also found business cards of famous plastic surgeons at Nayeem’s residence during the searches held recently.
  • Nayeem wanted to get a passport by creating fake ID proofs. For this purpose, he also purchased a house under a fake name. Based on the fake name, Nayeem obtained a sale deed of house, electricity connection, voter ID for getting passport.
  • The value of property documents seized from various residences and hide-outs of renegade Mohammed Nayeemuddin running in to thousands of crores and the recovery of a personal diary listing out payments to politicians and policemen.
  • The 67-acre land in Kondapur,recovered from his home, alone is valued at about Rs 1,675 crore in open market.
  • Rs.3.18 crore in cash, 1.9 kg gold ornaments, four weapons and 138 bullets were recovered from Nayeem’s residence.
  • Nayeemuddin's mother Tahera Begum alleged that police had taken her son alongwith three other family members two days ago and now his bullets-ridden body was returned to them.
  • Dropping enough hints that the police were watching Mohammed Nayeemuddin alias Nayeem for quite some time, Cyberabad police raided his city dens at Alkapuri Colony in Puppalaguda of Narsingi and Tulja Bhavani Colony in Injapur, Vanasthalipuram, on Monday morning, barely hours after his death in Shadnagar of Mahbubnagar district.
  • Police believe that Nayeem had been selling the tribal girls to human trafficking gangs in Mumbai and the Gulf countries for mind-boggling amounts. Cops also suspect that Nayeem might have been sending the minor girls to rich people visiting the city and certain powerful locals. Police gave custody of the nine girls, rescued from the Shadnagar den of Nayeem, to the Child Welfare Committee (CWC), Mahbubnagar.
  • Among the four girls found at Nayeem's house at Alkapuri Colony of Puppalguda in the city , a 17-year-old girl told Narsingi police that she was brought to Nayeem's bungalow against her wish. Based on her statement, the Narsingi police have added a kidnapping charge to the case registered at the police station.
  • However, preliminary HIV tests threw up a negative result.
  • Police on going search on his assets and liabilities comes into lime light that Nayeemuddin was actually going to open a TV channel where he had appointed an CEO and recruitments for the positions were going on.
  • One of the important recoveries made by the police during the searches was a purported autobiography penned by Nayeem, in which he talks about his desire to become an MLA and a ruler of Bhongir.

My View:
There is no question that Nayeemuddin is undesirable and harmful element in the society. He is a rogue but unfortunately he was propped by Police and Politicians for their selfish activities and when he expanded his operations encompassing these people, his killing was ordered. Most famous people in the city had slept with him in the past. Their details will never get revealed except some leaks to embarrass some anti establishment people. Unfortunately several good civilian families suffered his atrocities and some even lost their lives.

Knowing fully well about his activities neither politicians nor police never thought fit to take action on him rather used him for fulfilling their needs. Only when Nayeem threatened Etela Rajinder, KTR and some TRS MLAs from Nalgonda district, KCR ordered liquidation of Nayeem. 

Now the allegation made by Nayeem's mother that Nayeem was picked up by police few days ago and after killing his body was kept at Shadnagar with coloring of fake encounter has its own merits. First in an encounter Nayeem an experienced shooter simply died without killing or even hurting any policemen? Second when police started evacuating millennium township previous night how come Nayeem hasn't made any escape attempt but simply got killed next day morning. Third no one saw anything there except heard some shootout from very long distance. Fourth within minutes of Nayeem's encounter Police raided several of his dens and aids homes simultaneously and finally Fifth I don't think Nayeem will stay for several hours with his friend knowing fully well that since several months his life is at risk. Also why he visited his friend was not revealed so far.

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