Monday, 1 August 2016

This son of a billionaire works as aam aadmi

Rarely one comes across someone who depends on odd jobs to make his both ends meet despite being born in a wealthy family. Here is an example that will leave you totally surprised. However, after reading it completely you will definitely derive a very positive message out of it. The story was first published in The Times of India.

It is a story of a Surat-based businessman whose company worth is Rs 6,000 crore and commands presence in 71 countries. He asked his 21-year old son to relocate to Kochi incognito and survive on odd jobs to earn his living for a month.

Thereafter, his son Dravya Dholakia who is currently pursuing MBA in the US and on a holiday in India reached Kochi. He just carried three pair of clothes and Rs 7,000 with him.

The only reason behind all this was to make Dravya understand hardships of life and struggles that a poor goes through in absence of money.

Dholakia is the same businessman who had hit newspaper headlines after his company gifted cars and apartments to employees in form of bonus.

Very rare in these days!!

Money is needed to earn more money and that is called Capital.

My View:
While appreciating the attitude of Dholakia, I share with you my observation in a small electrical shop owned by a Sardarji in RP Road, Secunderabad. It was 9 AM in the morning and the shop has just opened. While Sardarji was sitting at cash counter a school going boy was there with him sweeping the shop. After asking for an item I was taken to a near by go down by that boy to deliver material to me. Surprisingly that boy was attending school some 6th standard and those were vacation days for him and he assists his father in shop and he is son of the owner Sardarji. I am sure as he grows up he will definitely gets emotionally attached to shop and with pride he will become successor to that shop no matter how many degrees he earns in due course. That is how business continuity in family is taken care of. 

In stead of sending the boy for on the field training by Dhoalakia, this methodology is much superior inculcating great habits in young boys.

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