Thursday, 25 August 2016

TS gets SC snubs on sharing common assets

As per AP Reorganisation Act 2014, institutions listed in Schedule IX and X are to to be shared by AP and TS in proportion to population i.e. 58% to AP and 42% TS. Since all these institutions are located in common capital Hyderabad and city police control is with TS, Telangana forcibly occupied these institutions compelling AP to approach courts. While HC upheld TS arguments, SC was in agreement with AP arguments. Also SC Bench upheld the AP contention. SC also rejected review petition by TS.

Now TS has to pay AP about Rs. 50,000-70,000 crores in order to keep its full control of these institutions.

My View:
The hurriedly drafted AP Reorganization Act 2014 (drafted by UPA regime in consultation with KCR) was heavily favoring Telangana leaving AP helpless and vulnerable. 

It is a matter of shame that TS Govt files appeals against SC judgement in the form of review petition and curative petition etc with evil intention of delaying payments to AP as much as possible thus defeating the provisions AP Reorganization Act 2014, in letter and spirit.

BJP's Modi's central government nurturing secret ambitions in AP and TS turned Nelson's eye to AP's grievances thus forcing AP to approach SC for every small thing and resolution is painfully time consuming.

Telangana's KCR administration shamelessly interprets wrongly the provisions of the Act resorting to looting of legitimate rights of AP everywhere. Common Governor, despite responsible for fairness in between two states, simply keeps quiet and enjoys going on pilgrimage every month, is practically useless for protecting AP's interests.

AP deprived of its capital, revenue sources, opportunities, institutions is not getting its legitimate help from central government and is saddled with huge  budget deficit. With hostile TS administration for Andhra people living in Hyderabad city is nothing short of hell. On other hand TS is celebrating festivities with surplus cash, at the fall of hat.

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