Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Modi grants nothing to Telangana state as well.

  • For Godavari pushkaralu during 2015, centre has granted Rs.100 crores for AP and Rs.50 crores where as expenditure was several hundreds of crores. This discrimination was objected to by KCR.
  • For Krishna pushkaralu this year 2016, the expenditure is huge at Rs.1,080 crores by AP Govt and Rs.800 crores by TS Govt. TS demanded 75% i.e. Rs.600 crores grant from Centre. Centre has rejected its assistance for both the states.
  • Modi inaugurated Telangana's Mission Bhagiratha Phase I costing Rs.858 crores on August 7, 2016. KCR requested Modi for Central assistance of 80% for Rs.42,000 crore Mission Bhagiratha and Modi gave nothing.
  • Even though KCR spent more than Rs.50 crores for the Modi's inauguration and praised him a lot, Modi also praised KCR but didn't announce any specific support to any project much to disappointment of KCR & Co. 
  • KCR's non-stop praising of Modi is due to a CBI case pending and recent questioning of him by CBI for allegaed corruption in ESI Hospital construction case.
    None of the KCR's projects like Kakatiya Mission, Kaleswaram project, Hyderabad's ITIR project, Palamuru-Dindi LI scheme etc are awaiting Modi's mercy for funds. Of course TS hasn't followed any procedures for obtaining any clearances for these projects, is another matter.
  • Earlier in 2015 while laying foundation stone for AP capital Amaravati, contrary to expectations of people of AP, Modi announced nothing and gave only a pot of Yamuna water and Parliament house's pouch of earth and tried to arouse sentiment. While Naidu spent about Rs.200 crores for the function and got nothing in return from Modi.

So it is clear that Modi is only a taker and gives nothing to anybody.

  • During his two year regime crude oil prices fell by more than 80%. Modi passed on only 20% to people and retained 80% with centre by increasing excise duty.
  • He has minimized LPG subsidy and also removed subsidy for higher income people.
  • While 14th Finance Commission increased state's share of central taxes from 32% to 42% and centre accepted  the report in toto but centre has withdrawn from several jointly funded welfare schemes by much more amount. These schemes will have to continue at state's expense thus in totality centre is benefited financially by implementing the report.
  • Modi announced Rs.1000 crores help to Visakhapatanam destroyed by 'Hudud' but state received only Rs.400 crores whereas damages are in excess of Rs.8,000 crores.
Modi sanctions 'Bullet Train' to Ahmedabad-Mumbai route at Rs.100,000 expenditure while Rs.80,000 external soft loans and centre's contribution is in excess of Rs.25,000 crores. He has kept aside 6 priority routes identified by experts during UPA regime and sanctions Ahmedabad-Mumbai route.

Modi appears like 'PM of Gujarat' rather than 'PM of India' 
like Deve Gowda PM of Karanataka in the past.

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