Thursday, 16 February 2017

Jayalalitha & Sasikala - Convicted criminals

On Feb 14, 2017, SC verdict accuses Jayalalithaa as a mastermind who misused her public office.

Late Jayalitha, Sasikala, Elavarasi and Sudhakaran were convicted by SC on Feb 14, 2017, in a 21 year old DA case. Sasikala, the unrelated acquaintance of Jayalalitha for 33 years, was also convicted by SC upholding Trial court sentence and setting aside HC acquittal reveals the deep rooted criminal attitudes of both along with Elavarasi & Sudhakaran.
  • Jayalalithaa did not accommodate Sasikala at Poes Garden house out of some philanthropic urge or humanitarian concern but with cold-blooded calculation to keep herself secure from any legal complications, which may arise from their criminal activities
  • deep-rooted conspiratorial design to amass vast riches
  • hatching criminal conspiracy to launder the ill-gotten wealth
  • purchasing huge properties in the names of masked fronts
  • ten firms were constituted in a single day. Apart from buying properties, no other business activity was undertaken by them
  • Jayalalitha masterminded, misused her public office, masked banking exchanges, acquired vast tracts of land for pittances and conspired with her co-accused at Poes Garden only to later feign ignorance about any crime committed
  • this case is a deep-rooted conspiratorial design to amass vast assets without any compunction and hold the same through shell entities to cover up the sinister trail of such illicit acquisitions and deceived and delude the process of law
  • Jayalalitha had executed a GPA in favour of Sasikala in respect of Jaya Publications only to maintain a respectable distance from inflow and outflow of money meant for property acquisitions.
  • SC lauded Special Judge for his investigative approach and exhaustive research regarding every piece of evidence. The SC observed that the trial court was sensitive, vigilant and judicious in its appraisal of the evidence in this case
  • SC held that Karnataka High Court judge did not even bother to appraise the evidence available and stuck to whatever the income tax authorities found in favor of the accused persons
  • SC held that death of a public servant does not extinguish the corruption case against the other private accused. Private individuals can be prosecuted on the ground that they had abetted the act of criminal misconduct.
  • SC expressed deep concern about the escalating corruption in the society
Jayalalithaa adopted Sasikala's nephew Sudhakaran, announced his wedding in Sep 1995 to the grand daughter of actor Sivaji Ganesan. The Rs.100 crore extravagant wedding consisted of several dining halls; state machinery misused to supply power to the hall, tankers used to supplied lakhs of litres of water and government vehicles employed for transport. This prompted Dr. Subramanyam Swamy initiate the corruption case against Jayalalitha.

It is rumored that Karnataka HC judge who set aside Trial court conviction, later purchased several plots & properties in his relatives names in Bangalore.

My View:
Now that it is proven that Jayalalitha is not 'Amma' but a hard core criminal, worse than a terrorist. DMK brigade is no better is another story. Only a fortnight ago there was demand from various Tamil quarters for the award of 'Bharat Ratna' to Jayalalitha. Even without family to inherit, Jayalalitha 'amassed' so much wealth exemplifying human being's underlying greed and becomes difficult to imagine how much politicians are looting the nation. Hopefully, YS Jagan will be consigned to jail in next few months relieving AP of the demonised evils. 21 years to convict her is shamefully too long. The best could be no more than 6-12 months. The need of the hour is to reform our systems to track and book this type of culprits early and send them to jail quickly for rest of their life so that society could lead better quality of life. Bringing all politicians including Prez & PM, officials, businessmen, judiciary and all people in public domain under the purview of strong & independent Lok Pal and strengthening RTI and institutions like CVC, CBI, ACB etc. will be few steps in right direction. Self styled 'anti corruption lone crusader' Modi - whether he will do anything in this direction, even after mid way of the term,  is yet to be seen. I fear he is politician who looks at everything for political gains only.

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