Friday, 3 February 2017

Judge managed by Maran brothers!

  • Judge must realize that there won't be video recordings or official receipts for white collar offences master minded by international crooks and assisted by experts like chartered accountants, advocates etc.
  • No one will commit this kind offence in street intersection so that indisputable evidence could be collaborated.
  • What evidence will satisfy our learned judge for punishing Maran brothers?
  • No body will invest Rs.742 crores just seeing the face of either of Maran brothers, who are crony capitalists and nothing more. Their rise is only due to their relationship with Karunanidhi and nothing more.
  • No prudent investor will invest in political companies like Sun TV etc unless there is some premeditated arrangement. That is common sense. The judge lacked either common sense or has joined bandwagon of bandicoots.
  • Benefit of doubt is given to criminals who are being prosecuted for offences that has 'death sentence' liability for indisputable evidence else they would be awarded 'life imprisonment'.
  • Doubtless, the judge was managed by Maran brothers for a cut in the booty.
CBI & ED must appeal in higher court and also prosecute the judge for delivering blatantly idiotic judgement. May be they all have Modi's blessings too. Who knows?

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