Friday, 3 February 2017

VIP Culture in India

      VIP's in the world
Country          Numbers
England ...             84
France ...             109
Japan ...               125
Germany ...          142
Australia ...           205
USA ...                 252
S.Korea ...           282
Russia ...             312
China ...              435
  India ...         5,79,092

  • Today VIP culture in India is omnipresent. The President, Vice President, Governors, Speakers (Rajya Sabha, Lok Sabha, Assemblies), MPs, MLAs, MLCs, Corporators, IAS, IPS, ICS, IRS officers, Taluk/Gram Panchayat members, Party leaders, Chief justice and judges of Supreme and High Courts, Media barons and Editors are treated as VIPs and VVIPs. Disgraceful and disgusting. 
  • How did we develop this culture when our founding fathers shunned pompous security? 
  • In the 1970s, in Bombay city, only the Governor and the Chief Minister displayed non-flashing red lights on their vehicles. The CM had only a motorcycle pilot and a very low profile jeep escort. No Cabinet minister, bureaucrat or police officer displayed such lights.
  • Bureaucrats in Secretariat, who felt that they were VIP's, changed the rules, allowing themselves rooftop lights. Ministers followed suit. Terrorism gave an excuse for all to travel with heavy intimidating escort vehicles. 
  • In Mumbai and Delhi, corporate honchos travel in big cars escorted by their safari clad bodyguards in SUVs resembling police protection units, waving their walkie-talkie sets through open windows intimidating other drivers, pretending to be government escorts.
  • The explanation that red lights are necessary for VIP security is untenable.
  • There is no just reason for exempting all self proclaimed VIPs from security checks in Indian Airports other than those holding constitutional positions, Cabinet/Chief Secretary, Chief Justice and three defense chiefs, as listed in *.
  • Visiting heads of the foreign countries do qualify for VIP security and protection.
  • Definitely Income Tax Commissioner or Brigadier doesn't qualify for any such privilege.
  • All over the world, colored beacons are allowed only on emergency vehicles travelling on emergency duties. Blowing sirens is strictly forbidden, unless in cases of emergency. 
  • In Delhi, VIP security budget for 2013 was Rs.341 crores of which Rs.38 crores was spent for Rashtrapati Bhavan. About 8049 policemen are deployed for protection of VIPs in Delhi.
  • Only emergency vehicles, constitutional posts* and highest judicial/ civil/ defense officers* shall only be allowed to display red lights. No siren should be allowed except in emergency.
  • Misuse of the state machinery in blocking roads to give priority passage to VIPs, "flashing red lights" atop their cars and blowing sirens to intimidate the public must be stopped.
  • The underlying reason is corruption & power, at which most of so called VIPs are experts. Even media is also a party to it. These are those selfish VIP's who even while earning crores of money don't like to spend it. Instead they put the burden of their personal or lavish expenditures on the exchequer. This attitude has to be condemned and stopped.
  • Those who face threats should be provided unobtrusive escorts but without any power trappings like red beacons, on payment basis at twice the actual cost.
  • Long convoys, exceeding 5 vehicles, should never be allowed. 
  • Police must abide by Model Police Act which insists police enforce law "impartially" by behaving "courteously" with the public.
*President, Vice President, Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers, Leader of the Opposition, Chief Justice of Supreme Court, Chief Election Commissioner, Cabinet Secretary, Three Chiefs of Defense only should be allowed to display red lights in NCT of Delhi.

*Governor, Chief Minister, Cabinet Ministers, Speaker, Leader of the Opposition, Chief Justice of High Court, Chief Secretary only should be allowed to display red lights in state capital.

Today, politicians or political parties doing self less social service is a myth. They do self service in the disguise. They are in fact parasites on society. They terrorize people and civil servants with the help of their shouting brigade of musclemen or with higher connections. Most politicians are power brokers for businessmen or they themselves are businessmen. Public interest is very unsafe in their hands. They definitely don't qualify for any VIP treatment. They must stand at par with all citizens for availing any services. The number of VIPs in any state must not exceed 25 at state level and 50 at national level. In any case traffic should never be obstructed for more than few minutes with due regard to civil discomfort and never obstructing emergency vehicles like ambulances, fire brigade and police vehicles etc. 

Worse than this is, VIP's breaking queue and availing extended leisurely darshan at Tirumala temple. Much worse is they have separate timing for their priveleged 'Break Darshan'. Anyone with some kind of connection or willing to spend Rs.10k/20k will get this immoral facility. The excuse is as usual is their security. Suprabatam & Kalyanotsavam tickets are never available at counter or online. Like our Railway's 'Tatkal', TTD must charge these VIP's Rs.10k to Rs.25k and make more money to extend more common pilgrim facilities. In any case there must a limit 25% for these absurd VIP's.

Our government elected by common man is committed for security & comfort of these VIP's at any cost, but never for common man.

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