Saturday, 8 July 2017

Karnan's actions turned judicial system into a laughing stock

My View:
  • There is no disputing that Justice Karnan is a maverick and must be punished. 
  • But in a democracy, how can any one be punished without following a process of law?
  • Why wasn't charges framed and charge sheet filed? 
  • Without charge sheet, trial & chance to defend - how can any one be pronounced a criminal?
  • How come Supreme Court (SC) didn't mention any section of Cr.PC while sending him to six months jail term?
  • Karnan's maverick actions started at least one year ago. What was the reason for all kinds of inaction by various authorities including SC?
  • Having tolerated his histrionics for over an year, why sudden action by SC Bench on him without following any process of law when in another week he would have any way retired.
  • SC Bench of seven judges can sit and award any punishment to any body, at their will, circumventing procedures. Is this correct?
  • SC should have been magnanimous to let Karnan retire with due regard to Blackstone formulation in matters of not sentencing innocents.

It is better that ten guilty persons escape than 
that one innocent suffer .. William Blackstone

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