Sunday, 2 July 2017

Modi: Killing in the name of gau bhakti not acceptable

My View:
BJP, RSS, Bajrangdal - all same has always resorted to violence and mob killings of Muslims for consolidating their positions or achieving new heights. 
  • 1992: Advani spearheading rath yatra that ended up demolishing Babri Masjid with precision and speed of six hours, without any casualties, unleashing violence catapulted BJP from 2 in 1984, to 84 in 1991 and to 120 in 1991 and eventually landing in power in 1996, 1998 & 2000. Advani couldn't become PM in preference to his senior and mentor AB Vajpayee.
  • 2001: Modi succeeded in dislodging Keshubbhai Patel and backstabbing Sankar Singh Vaghela and became CM of Gujarat. He consolidated power, to some extent, by resorting to elimination of his minister Haren Padya. Amit Shah's controversial role in murders resulted in Supreme Court debarring his entry into Gujarat for two years 2010-2012.
  • 2002: Gujarat riots that lasted two months killing about 2,000 Muslims by Hindu mobs led by Bajarangdal, facilitated by Modi, his Cabinet, his Administration and Police. Maya Kodnani, who spearheaded single biggest Naroda-Patiya massacre of 90 Muslims in a single day was rewarded with Minister's berth by Modi. Later Kodnani was sentenced and Modi facilitated her bail is another story.
  • 2002: Even though 100,000 Muslims were displaced during riots and haven't returned to their homes, how Modi pressurized Election Commission agree for mid term poll and convinced them all refugees returned to their homes and rehabilitation completed (even today some 15,000 displaced Muslims are living in outskirts of Ahmedabad), through Advani's Home Ministry for midterm poll in Dec 2002, is a mystery.
All BJP leaders who ever resorted to violence against Muslims during past two decades are now enjoying powerful positions, the latest being Yogi Adityanath, CM of UP.

Hence Modi's talk after two months of Vigilante groups massacring beef eaters etc is nothing but an eye wash and delayed condemnation of attacks tantamount to approving the attacks on minorities especially Muslims in the name of gau rakshaks or any thing else.

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