Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Modi govt's new cattle slaughter rules, SC orders nationwide stay

My View:
By ordering nation wide stay on Modi's senseless cattle slaughter rules, Supreme Court, in fact has bailed out Modi from embarrassment of violation of constitution, jeopardizing millions of jobs, loss of over $4bn beef export revenue and saving Leather Industry, mostly run by Muslims. Kerala CM Vijayan has rightly described Modi as stooping to new lows and causing a national tragedy. Above all lynching by 'gau rakshaks' will come to an end. SC also saved fragile UP's economy, in doldrums with farm loan waiver etc. Above all Modi's henchmen will now see a reason to be law complaint, going forward. Had SC kept quiet, Modi would have lost his face undoing all his non sense things at the expense of his already dented image. Modi must thank SC Chief Justice JS Khehar for his nice & timely gesture. SC should have admonished perpetrators of this kind of constitutional violations so recklessly and casually. Attorney General & Ministry of Law must have been told to discharge their duties properly and correctly.

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