Saturday, 1 July 2017

Modi & Trump's awkward hugging

Trump and Modi hugging awkwardly in White House, Washington
  • He came, he saw, he hugged and hugged again, but he couldn't conquer the Yankee media.
  • Narendra Modi hugging Donald Trump was so awkward, it was embarrassing even watching on TV.
  • Nearly every aspect of his well-timed visit was kosher except for those hugs and handshakes. 
  • Both men are narcissists and clearly adore preening under the spotlight.
  • Someone should tell him there is always a cut-off point for such ardent displays of camaraderie and “true friendship”. 
  • Modi bragged about his “stain-free” government. Which stain was he talking about? He was referring to his administration’s “zero tolerance” policy towards financial jigri pokiri.
  • Now at least a serious attempt is being made to root out corruption at all levels. And the results are evident. Corruption can never be eliminated. Going after big guns and making examples of a few is a smart strategy. But what about nabbing seasoned political crooks too?
  • It’s a shame the real “stains” in our society are the lynching spree back home. No explanation for the cow mania sweeping across the country and innocent victims of hate crimes. When a 15-year-old boy, returning from Delhi is pounced upon and killed for being a “beef-eater”, and the Prime Minister says nothing, his silence becomes an endorsement of the brutality. A Muslim was stabbed in the train has triggered off protests across India. Citizens feel deeply disturbed by what they see as a vicious campaign aimed at Muslims for being Muslims.
  • Modi and his team pretended and let it go without condemnation. Today, gangs of jobless, frustrated and hostile young men roam the streets of India, looking for helpless victims wearing skull caps and sporting beards. Thousands of Hindu young men believe they can kill at will is the worst indictment of the government in power. Those hell-bent on violence under the guise of protecting cows are nothing but criminals. When their political bosses choose to shield them, the message sent out is lethal. Murderers are being condoned in Modi’s India. Cold-blooded killers confidently go on rampages and get away with heinous hate crimes. 
  • When a country is on the brink of surrendering to bloodthirsty mobs, it cannot claim to be “stain-free”. What could be a bigger stain than the abuse and destruction of innocent human lives?
  • It is time to stop cheap, misleading propaganda. People cannot be manipulated and fooled all that easily. The “elitist” protest marches don’t achieve very much, but they do perform an important role in a democracy that is supposed to respect the rights of each citizen, and listen to the voices of the oppressed.
  • Modi has wisely undertaken a much-delayed damage control by issuing a statement of sorts in Gujarat (June 29, 2017), in which he has invoked Mahatma Gandhi’s name yet again and said violence will not to be tolerated in the name of “gau raksha”. He could have been direct and forceful in the condemnation of the lynchings. Why so late and so little, now?
  • If the lynchings continue it will show him up as a non-leader. If they stop, citizens will wonder what took him so long to speak up. Before Modi sets off on yet another foreign trip, perhaps he should trouble himself to focus on other stains. The ones that can damage India’s long-term interests far more than a few mega crooks being thrown into the clink for tax evasion.
My View:
As long as Modi doesn't win the hearts of minorities i.e. Muslims and Christians etc, who are about 20% of population, he doesn't acquire any moral sanction to rule the nation. And he will never be a true leader. Majoritarianism is OK for ruling legally, but falls of moral right. His anti corruption tirade falls short of appointing Lok Pal & Lok Ayuktha while his predecessor Manmohan Singh offered to bring PM under the purview of Lok Pal, but cabinet rescinded. See the kind of election expenditure of BJP for which no explanation was given to nation. The fact that BJP is the most cash rich party these days with sources undisclosed and anti corruption measures falling short of controlling political corruption across the nation, Modi's actions are a strategy for mere publicity. Needless to say that Modi suffers from worst possible type of corruption; an insatiable desire for personal glory at any cost; an extremely deep moral and spiritual corruption. He might not have taken any bribes in recent years but there is no way he could have risen to his position without having made massive and horrendous economic & moral compromises.

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