Thursday, 13 July 2017

Lending money is no good idea

  • Lending money to a friend is not a very good idea. 
  • Creditors definitely have better memories than Debtors. People tend to remember the loans they give, but forget the loans they take.
  • Your borrower conveniently forgets that he or she owes money and you are less likely to get your money back.
  • You neither have to be nervous nor have to make the person feel bad for asking money. Just be polite when you decline the request as the person has shown some confidence in you. 
  • If someone puts pressure on you and you feel trapped, ask for time to decide. Tell the person that you will get back to him within a day. Go home, fortify yourself, and then get back to the person. Never put yourself in a position where it's even harder to say no.
  • If a close friend or family member approaches you for a loan, and you can't help but wish you could, you could suggest ways they could raise money. At least you are trying to show that you care.
  • If you want to avoid pressure and requests for loans, your best bet is to avoid sharing financial details. Never over share details about what you plan to buy in future.
  • Nothing sours a relationship or friendship faster, has the ability to change even the healthiest relationship dynamics or can cause mistrust and bad blood between people like a money “deal” gone wrong.
  • If someone isn’t financially responsible with their own money, you have no business lending them yours. People who don’t know how to handle their own money will never respect and value yours or understand how hard you’ve worked or the sacrifices you’ve made to earn it.
  • Never, ever trust anyone who promises to pay back a loan with money they expect to receive from their tax return, a lawsuit settlement, bingo winnings or anything of that nature; this rarely happens.
  • Tracking down someone who owes you money to get in touch is very hard. You really don’t know what it’s like to be avoided until you realize they have changed their phone number and avoiding you.
The only way to ensure money doesn’t ruin relationship(s), is to gift the borrower whatever money they are borrowing, if you can. As long as you don’t expect to receive the money back, you will be free of any hang-ups that might result were they to fail to re-pay the loan. The dividing line between money and hate is very thin, just like with love and hate.

Neither a borrower nor a lender be, For loan oft loses 
both itself and friend  ...  William Shakespeare

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