Sunday, 31 July 2016

EAMCET-2 papers leaks in Teangana

In Telangana State EAMCET-2 conducted on July 9, 2016 was canceled due to detection of question paper leakage by CID. Earlier EAMCET-1 conducted on May 15, 2015 was cancelled due to the controversy over National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET).

As per MCI regulations, admissions to MBBS & BDS should be completed by Sept 30, 2016 otherwise MBBS & BDS students might end up losing an year unless Supreme Court gives then extraordinary permission.

It appears that inept handling by the Telangana Government & Officers concerned is the primary reason for this EAMCET-2 leakage fiasco, the underlying reason is that  printing work related to EAMCET-2 was handed over to company, Magnetic Infotech Pvt Ltd, on nomination basis, owned by his son KTR's friend is not ruled out. Lack of maturity on the part of Telangana ministers since beginning resulted in the hardship to over one lakh students. Telangana ministers & TRS men who have the habit of making high decibel noise on every small & petty issue have not uttered a single sentence so far. Curiously, none have resigned so far owning up moral responsibility, no one suspended for this fiasco. CID is likely to arrest some small fry's as usual.

Even TCS has submitted a written complaint to Telangana State Council for Higher Education chairman and Education Minister Kadiyam Srihari for handing over EAMCET 2 paper printing works on nomination basis for which no response received from any quarter so far. To what extent this company is responsible in this leakage fiasco, will never be known.

In KCR's Bangaru Telangana, Ministers and Officers are more interested in getting highly publicized exposure to CM doling out praises for perceived development and achievements rather than doing any good work for which lasting results will come slowly and steadily.

Latest reports reveal that (1) the scam could be larger than 150 students identified so far, (2) the culprits doesn't have any past criminal record making investigation progress at snail's pace and (3) has been going on since 6 years at least.

My View:
Ever since Telangana state was formed, following standard procedures, adherence to laws of the land, and transparency of decision making have been given a good bye and whimsical rule similar to that of Nizam rule have become order of the day. On every issue KCR has audacity to decide without seeking expert opinion or examining pros & cons with reference to historical data or facts.This has resulted in High Court & Supreme Court setting aside several decisions. Undaunted, audacious & shameless KCR & Co haven't learned any lesson and amended their styles. Instead they started campaigning that HC is full of Judges of Andhra origin and hence troubling them and encouraged high pitched campaign and struggle for HC bifurcation, which in its due course will take some more years.

People of this kind of negligent & autocratic attitude have now landed Telangana students into piquant situation where in students with good ranking in EAMCET-2 are not sure of getting similar rank in EAMCET-3 while others are not sure of what is in store for them. All students have expressed that they are tired of writing 5 or 6 exams so far and are in no mood to write one more. The demand of EAMCET-2 rank holders not to cancel EAMCET-2 but take action on students who got leakage benefits is understandable but legal guide lines doesn't permit doing so. The present government will definitely pay price for its misdeeds, lethargy and for making crazy decisions very soon but in the meantime people of Telangana state will pay the price for having elected irresponsible government.

The least should be done immediately is that - Higher Education Minister should resign on moral grounds and EAMCET Convener should be suspended to begin with and CID given free hand to book & arrest culprits however big they are - all of which unlikely.

In some form or other, EAMCET paper leakage benefiting some students and some corporate colleges has been around at least since more than 15 years and at least 100 MBBS seats were grabbed by them every year unlawfully and undeservingly.

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