Saturday, 1 April 2017

Brexit means ... £59 billion more debt to UK


  • Brexit will blow a £59 billion black hole in public finances. 
  • At the time that there would be a cumulative £122 billion of extra borrowing over the next five years (or £469 per week), £59 billion of which will occur as a direct result of the vote to leave the EU. 
  • Hammond told the House of Commons: [Brexit] makes more urgent than ever the need to tackle our economy’s long-term weaknesses, like the productivity gap, the housing challenge, and the damaging imbalance in economic growth and prosperity across our country.
  • The cost of Brexit is £122bn over next 5 years. So where's the mythical £350m per week (£18.2 billion per year) for the NHS (National Health Service) coming from?

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