Friday, 28 April 2017

TRS Plenary attended by over 15 lakhs people!

  • It is sheer madness to mobilize lakhs of people and address them with political agenda and doling out false promises which will be forgotten even before getting down the dias.
  • No one takes these promises seriously.
  • No one comes to attend political meeting abstaining their daily work unless they are compensated much more than what they lose.
  • Even during pre-independence days for meetings addressed by Gandhi, Congress was under compulsion to provide transport facilities.
  • It is well known fact that the political party spends money for their transportation, provide food and pay them compensation plus middlemen charges. All this works out to over Rs.500 for ever attendee.
  • The TRS Warangal plenary claimed to have been attended by over 15 lakhs people must have costed Rs.100 crores for people mobilization alone and another Rs.100 crores towards all other expenses.
  • All service providers must have provided FREE services viz. flexi printers, advertising agencies, vehicle owners etc to TRS.
  • They will recover their investment as favors from government at least by 10 times.
  • All this Rs.200 crores must have costed contributing businessmen and industrialists to the extent of Rs.500 crores which they would recover in the form of concessions from Government or explosion of estimates or passing bills for substandard works done by them or even clearing fake vendor / work bills by over Rs.1,000 crores. 
  • And that is exactly the price paid by people of Telangana (Rs.1,000 crores) for the sense less extravaganza by TRS and KCR.
  • TRS leaders doing 'hamali' (hard labour) services for mobilizing funds for plenary expenses few lakhs in front TV cameras is just a drama for seeking cheap publicity.
  • Every TRS leader participating & contributing actively doesn't do this for no profit. Each one of them must have amassed a fortune of 50 lakhs each.
  • You see the win-win situation for TRS leaders, TRS politicians, Businessmen, Industrialists - all except the state and its people, who lost that much money.
  • In the books of TRS, it might have spend few lakhs as plenary expenses. All other money is in black, cash & corruption.
  • Ironically, all that attended the plenary are rural agricultural labour who must have abstained from work for 2-3 days impacting farmers during rabi harvesting season.
My View:
This madness must stop. While voluntary attendance is OK, mobilizing people with money, biryani & liquor is immoral, corruption, undemocratic and anti-national. This attitude is the chief cause of black money and its menace. This is utterly undemocratic and violates all principles of decency. You see how shamelessly, the organizers flexes their muscles about their capabilities which they have done with people's money, in most immoral ways.  Recollect, Modi addressing 200 meetings across width and depth of nation crisscrossing in chartered planes in 2014 must have costed at least Rs.10,000 crores. Who sponsored this kind of expense? Everyone knows. In return they borrowed huge amounts from public sector banks that are now saddled with Rs.700,000 crores of NPAs (almost all politically sponsored) and are sinking pulling down national economy. These guys makes us believe that they are now builders of modern India! Unless influence of money is eliminated in politics, we can't grow economically as a nation.

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