Friday, 28 April 2017

How to evaluate people

Although it’s an important skill, most people have a hard time making accurate judgments of person's character. It is a skill that can be learned, which helps you avoiding mistakes and make better judgments quickly.

There are ten basic markers that will help you judge a person’s character.

  1. Talk time vs. Listen time
    Talking more indicates that he is very self-important, or extraordinarily nervous.
  2. A giver or a taker?
    If you feel drained after your initial meeting, don’t pursue any longer.
  3. How they tackle new projects
    Dislike change or who leap right in cheerfully tacking new tasks.
  4. Authentic
    Fake praise and flattery are indicative of someone sucking up.
  5. What are their friends like?
    The best way to find out about a person is by the company they keep. 
  6. How does he treat strangers?
    Whether he’s polite or rude to your receptionist.
  7. Struggle
    Some struggle to overcome makes a person more genuine and hard working.
  8. Leisure activities
    Unless they have a packed schedule, it means they’re quite uninterested in life.
  9. How would you feel if stranded?
    If it would make you uncomfortable, move on to another candidate.
  10. Self-awareness
    Is he really honest with himself about his strengths and weaknesses. 
Purity of means are after all everything. As the means so the end. 
End can't justify immoral means ... Gandhi

My View:
Evaluating people is probably the toughest thing. Work has two dimensions cost & quality in opposition to each other. While perfection is impossible, improvements are imperative. If a person hasn't improved over himself during past month/quarter/year, he is rotten. While end results are important, the means adopted are even more important. Finally, never evaluate a person of his biggest activities, which any would have been done with great care. Evaluate him while doing smallest deeds.

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