Friday, 21 April 2017

VIP abuse must be eliminated everywhere

Today VVIPs & VIPs in India exceed 5,79,092 and invariably all these use flashing beacon lamps on the top of their cars. Some criminals, businessmen and adventurous people use them unauthorisedly. Indians have long resented this VIP culture as a public nuisance. While the beacon light users consider it as a privilege and the ultimate status symbol, the use & misuse of the beacons has become a menace to society. 

What Kejriwal (Delhi CM) & Capt Amarinder Singh (Punjab CM) has done away on day one, Modi as PM did so after three years - banning of red beacon vehicle top flashing lights, a symbol of VVIP status after enjoying the same for about 15 years as CM & PM. Union ministers M Venkaiah Naidu and Kiren Rijiju have never used them. While former four didn't get any publicity, Modi could generate extraordinary publicity, with no expenditure. Anyways, better late than never. The Supreme Court on Dec 10, 2013 asked government to trim the list of people who can use red beacons. After 3.5 years, BJP is trying to do politics and blow the trumpet of morality.

However this is only a first step and much more needs to be done to eradicate this awkward VVIP culture that crept into society deeply, craved by most and resented by all. All citizens must be at par at all times and at all places, irrespective of any qualifiers. The only exceptions are humanitarian considerations such as senior citizens, pregnant woman, handicapped and sick persons. 

Any person jumping the queues must be penalized heavily and willful repetitions must result in prosecution & jail sentence.

Injustice anywhere threatens justice everywhere 
... Martin Luther King Jr

My View:
These days every person with pocket full of money feels that he is a VIP and superior to others and is willing to manage or buyout priority treatment at the expense of others, shamelessly. VIP security is mostly false and over emphasized, which is considered an ultimate status symbol. Over 50% politicians are entangled in criminal cases. Why should government provide security to criminals facing charges or under trial? Government should revisit and revise norms to provide adequate security to genuine and deserving cases only in public interest. All charged with criminal offences should have their private security only. In case of others, the expenditure should be recovered from the so called VIP, where ever possible.

VIPs abuse common man in every sphere of civic life. In govt offices, hospitals, temple queues and everywhere. Equating all people just in traffic alone is not enough. Everywhere this abuse must be eliminated. Modi, known for rhetoric, narratives, publicity & manipulations rather than sincerity of purpose, having got enough publicity may not walk the talk to eradicate this ubiquitous VIP culture in India.

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