Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Gentleman's code

  • Prosperity should come not with dishonesty and burning conscience but with sweat from hard work.
  • Never comprise conscience under any circumstances.
  • Be honest by impulse.
  • Discuss only merits of own proposition. Ability to sell on that basis will get you repeat orders.
  • Never solicit business on the basis of friendship, courtesies or bribes which is sour.
  • Never sell a product you aren't sold on yourself.
  • Never oversell under any circumstances. A salesman who overloads his customers is a poor salesman than the man who doesn't sell at all. At least the latter hasn't created enemies.
  • Consider 'honor' the biggest word in the dictionary. Word is as good as a bond.
  • A 'gentleman's code' is something to live up to.
  • Fight to the finish to get an order, but within the rules of the game.
  • In long run, gentleman's code always works. One can enjoy doing business and can enjoy living with own self.
  • Were it not for the unshaken integrity of the mass of people, how could 95% of the world's business be done on credit?
  • Labor today is better off than at any time in the history of civilization.
  • Capital sees its responsibility in growing measure and shares, according to its enlightenment, with its workers and its public.
  • Business firms lean over backward to deliver honest goods. Customer can get his money back. Rigid inspection all through the process of manufacture eliminates the shoddy and faulty.
  • Motor industry is pace setter in USA producing incredibly efficient and honest to the last bolt and washer. At the same time prices were kept to a minimum consistent with quality and a modest profit.
  • There is no disgrace. Wealth accumulates, but men get it and give it away sharing their fortunes to people. And universities, hospitals, libraries, charitable institutions etc are benefited.
  • Gentleman's code is evident in widespread interest in putting service before profit.
A gentleman’s code is a complex system. Some traits are: He gives others the benefit of the doubt. He treats women with respect. He is a good guest and a good host. He talks to people, and not just about himself. He is well-informed on the events of the day. He is well-groomed. He lives with a degree of modesty. His possessions are tasteful. He steps up to help those who need help. He is patient with children. He donates to charitable causes. He can find common ground with anyone for conversation. He leaves every person he meets in a better, or at least no worse, situation than he found them. He believes in encouragement. He is trustworthy and can be relied upon.

Being a gentleman is a matter of choice.
A gentleman puts more into the world than he takes out ... George Bernard Shaw
A gentleman is one who does not what he wants to do, but what he should do.

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