Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Shasti Poorthi: Memoires

Shasti Poorthi (known also as "Shashti Abdha Poorthi") is a Hindu ceremony celebrated on completion of 60 years of age of the male, akin to the renewal of marital vows.

It marks completion of half the years of one's lifetime as in Hinduism, 120 years is considered the life span of a human being. The sixtieth year in one’s life is a significant milestone, memorable turning point, a touching reminder of the rich, mellowed life that would unfold in the years to come. In fact, the Hindu calendar has 60 years (named Prabhava, Vibhava, etc.) that repeat themselves after every 60 years in a sequence. Shashti poorthi marks the completion of one such cycle. This milestone marks celebration and gratitude for life given by God. 

While I do believe in God and religion, I am not an admirer of the current format of religious practices. I believe in simplicity of life even though I did enjoy luxuries that money brings in, occasionally in the past.

Looking back, I married at 23 not knowing the sanctity and obligations of the marriage. Driven with the realities, we are blessed with two daughters in next three years. Life's struggle started in making decent living ends meet each other and raising children with contemporary styles. 31 years had passed off, both the daughters got married, me & wife were left alone in 2011 to rediscover each other. I have no hesitation to award 99% marks to my wife for running the institution of marriage & home decently bearing all my infirmities and atrocities, silently. Remaining 1% marks I award to myself. 

Keeping in line with my simplicity belief, we family of 4 and niece visited Lord Venkateswara Swamy Varu on May 02, 2017 to offer my regards & respects for granting me hassle free life and providing me with all that I needed during the past 60 years and with good health despite a bad habit. 'Darshan' got materialized in just 45 minutes in the prepaid special entry channel. I did not seek anything from God, since I am sure God will never have any agenda to make any body rich or poor and will not grant anything undeserved. Deserving, will reach me sooner or later in due course. 

I only prayed by remaining silent in front of God.

Nadella Harsha Kumar
May 02, 2017 | Tirumala

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