Thursday, 18 May 2017

Money is important in life. But how much?

  • We need money to make a living. 
  • Between life and death the only inevitable thing which makes you keep running all your life to fulfill your wishes, your dreams, desires is money.
  • But as you move higher up the pyramid, money plays a lesser and lesser role in satisfying one's needs.
  • Money is important in person’s life but money can’t buy you the most precious things like happiness, love, family etc.
  • We live in a society where money is honored most. We are tend to believe that all daily struggles will be solved by higher financial status.
  • Money is important as long as it helps you survive and grow. Besides that, what is important is how you manage to be happy.
  • Money can make your life better by providing you comforts only.
  • Some amount of money to fulfill our basic needs is absolutely essential. But beyond a point it does not add any value if the other aspects in life like emotional support, family and friends are in disarray.
  • How much is the "need" and how much do we actually "want"?
  • Money is important but it is just a means of living not the life itself!
  • Wealth is a personality multiplier. If you're cruel and unkind, then being wealthy will make you even more cruel and unkind and vice versa.
  • Learn to be happy before becoming wealthy. Learn the skills that lead to inner peace, inner joy and compassion. These skills which made you happy when you're middle class, and will make you even happier when you get rich. Without these skills, the most likely outcome of wealth is misery.

Money has no utility to me beyond a certain point .... Bill Gates

Money is difficult to earn; Money is difficult to safeguard; 
Money is difficult to invest; Money is difficult to spend; 
Money is troublesome all the way.

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