Sunday, 3 July 2016

AP Telangana - High Court bifurcation and other Issues

As expected, AP Reorganization 2014 has solved only Telangana sentimental issue aroused by KCR aided by Congress for ascending to power in 2004 and opened up plethora of teething issues which doesn't have any acceptable solution. This was loudly shouted by Kiran Kumar Reddy in the deaf years of Sonia Gandhi and he had a shock of his life when told that more important than that is winning elections in 2014 and installing Rahul Gandhi in PM gaddi. The unilateral and unjust bifurcation has virtually put AP in the dock and at receiving end in every matter.

Today, we are witnessing agitation by Telangana Judges & Advocates for bifurcation of High Court and Judicial services. Cadre division has to be in accordance with well established central guidelines with options given to all employees where as Telangana wants as per nativity which is not legally acceptable norm.

Telangana is witnessing street agitations by advocates and judges and KCR is in awkward position to control them. High Court's tough stand in enforcing code of conduct and disciplinary rules has resulted in suspensions, criminal cases, arrests, remands etc consequent to manhandling of judge while discharging his duty. KCR's announcement to stage dharna in New Delhi to precipitate the matter was brushed aside by Central Law Minister Sadananda Gowda stating that rule of the law will prevail.

AP Reorganization Act 2014 has defined procedure for bifurcation of High Court keeping in mind Hyderabad will remain common capital for 10 years. AP moving secretariat & all departments to Vijayawada in to rented premises with in two years, Telangana is expecting immediate HC bifurcation requires amending the AP Reorganization Act 2014. Also it requires construction High Court and Judges quarters at Amaravati by AP which is facing budget deficit and near zero central assistance to overcome bifurcation blues. Even if it starts construction now it will take at least two years for completion.

Ironically there are many priority issues for AP to be sorted with TS and Center like
  1. Krishna River Management Board notification matters 
  2. Common Institutions at Hyderabad sharing in the light of SC judgement 
  3. Special status to AP
  4. Releasing adequate funds for Polavaram project to complete quickly
  5. Budget deficits making good by Center since 2014 
  6. Capital construction assistance 
and many more and last comes High Court bifurcation, simply because AP is in a position of advantage and there is time limit prescribed in AP Reorganization Act 2014, co authored by KCR.

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