Friday, 22 July 2016

Retired Life - Rules for Happiness & Peace

  1. Subject to health, post retirement years are the best years of life.
  2. Live in your own home. Enjoy independence & privacy.
  3. Just be happy with what you have. Never part with your cash, fixed deposits etc.
  4. Invest conservatively. Ensure monthly income is sufficient for living & healthcare.
  5. Minimize your tax obligations. 
  6. Don't get involved in high risk activities and lose health, happiness and peace of mind. 
  7. Don't switch careers. Adapting to a new work environment and duties is stressful.
  8. Taking job in the same field less stressful and good for mental health. 
  9. Instead go for advisory or consultant roles with fixed remuneration and no risks.
  10. Social hobbies and working in group gives most happiness.
  11. Children doesn’t necessarily generate happiness. But stay nearer to them.
  12. Don't depend on children. In their priorities, you get feeling of neglect.
  13. Don't meddle in children's lives. Their life is theirs, not yours.
  14. Reduce luxuries. Minimize expenses. Simplicity is sure road to happiness.
  15. Take care of health and follow doctor's advice meticulously.
  16. Avoid conflicts and arguments. They lead you to no where.
  17. Expand your circle of friends of similar age group.
  18. Don't compare with others.
  19. Don't dole out unsolicited advice.
  20. Expect nothing from anybody.
  21. Socialize. Never miss opportunity to attend functions and gatherings.
  22. Pursue your hobbies.
  23. Travel only if you will enjoy.
  24. Never use your old age to demand priority, respect or concern.
  25. Listen to what others say; think and make your own decisions.
  26. Pray only to seek God's grace, not favors.
  27. Be active, exercise with in the limits of age & heath.
  28. Gardening is one of the best ways to be happy & healthy.
  29. Preserve & maintain good health.
  30. If you own properties execute will and register it. 
  31. Alternately gift and mutate titles in favor of children or grand children while continue enjoying the assets.
Note: A poem in Sumathi Satakamu is paraphrased below:
"Money must be spent for your comforts; it may be given away to others. But wealth accumulated may end up with King or under the earth"

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