Friday, 8 July 2016


After 70 years of independence, what good reservations have done to us. While crores of peoples in these categories exist, few hundreds are enjoying benefits of reservation from generation after generation as if it is their hereditary estate. A big nothing. On other hand it helped social divide which was been exploited by political parties with their vote bank politics. Reservations by its very definition is anti constitutional and violation of democratic principles, where merit is the the sole criterion.

Substandard people occupying important positions has resulted in national underachievement. This has also resulted in talent suppression, talent humiliation and talent migration detrimental to national interest.

Recently SC struck down promotions based on reservations as invalid and all political parties unanimously  passed constitution amendment for fear of loss of vote banks.

Ambedkar asked for reservations for SC 15% and ST 7.5% only for a period of 10 years, while drafting constitution, we have gone several steps ahead with caste, religion & region based reservation for indefinite period speaks volumes about our hypocrisy & selfish interests rather than any national good.

Caste based, religion based reservations and region based reservation are fundamentally flawed and will not be acceptable in any sane society and will be detrimental to unification of diverse India.

Today, in order to progress we must dismantle all types reservations except those of 30%, for women and protect economically poorer people irrespective of of caste creed or anything and provide them with free training & financial assistance to compete in the level playing field. Otherwise we won't be able progress as a Nation.

An Example: 
A candidate appeared for PG Medical Exam in AP some years ago. Even though he obtained 1st Rank, he could not get seat of his choice in the college he desired i.e. MD (Radiology) in Osmania Medical College due to rostering & reservations.

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