Thursday, 28 July 2016

Nehru's speech at Nizamabad after deciding formation of AP in 1956

Some excerpts of Nehru's speech in Nizamabad in March 5, 1956 

presided over by B.Rama Krishna Rao, CM of Hyderabad:

The new thinking favored larger states, rather than small ones so that the barriers are fewer and progress is faster. In these circumstances it seemed improper to have two separate states Andhra and Telangana. The new outlook pointed towards greater Andhra. The new proposal greater Andhra should be created with its two regions having their separate identity and say in their development.

The people of Andhra and Telangana have to lead their lives and progress as parts of larger entity, India. I want you should become part of greater Andhra and benefit by it. The narrow minded people, who can't grasp the idea of India fully and do not have the vision of thousands of years of India's history or the brilliant future that awaits us, have no place in India. They should go else where.

Greatness does not come out of pettiness or disunity. We have to abide by our noble ideals and follow the path of truth, hard work and unity.  

Read this full text of Nehru's speech to discover all the malicious campaign by Telangana protagonists, even though has a grain of truth, are largely false, motivated by jealosy and vicious with dangerous overtones.

My View:
During the course of Telangana agitation lots of vicious campaign was carried out in all corners regarding inequalities between Andhra and Telangana and grievances arising out of that. It is pertinent to say that no father can ensure his two children grow at same pace simultaneously. At no point of time the investments made in Hyderabad (quantified as Rs.6,00,000 crores by state & central governments, public sector, private sector and private individuals during the past 30 years) were never acknowledged. While Telangana received bulk of government investments during the past 15-20 years, Andhra & Rayalaseema received nothing. This was acknowledged in the Sri Krishna Committee report. Even KCR who was at the centre stage of politics and in seats of power since 1983, has done nothing to either his constituency or to Telangana region. 

A Telangana friend of mine has accused of an Andhra person buying agriculture lands near Siddipet for a paltry sum of Rs.2,000 per acres several years ago. Curiously I asked - had he not purchased that land what was its prevailing market price. He shyly said it was Rs. 1,000 per acre. Buying lands at above market rates is not looting. It is trading, which is every citizen's fundamental right, in this country.

Nevertheless, people from Andhra will continue to grow at much faster pace than people of Telangana for variety of reasons, even after bifurcation. Whom will they blame? One has to blame themselves for all the ills they are facing.

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